Time Gives and Takes


I realized…
Time is free but taken for granted.

Thanks to time,
wounds heal and the ugly past fades into oblivion
you heal, you learn, you become stronger

But because of time, the moments  you wanted to last forever ended
swiftly, abruptly.
There are portions of your life you can never get back.
No thanks to time,
those moments remain only memories now.

Nay for random midnight thoughts poorly constructed
I better sleep now bye

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Little Miss Optimistic

Little Miss Optimistic Pin

She was an optimist

A ray of light;

She believed things would go the way she liked.

She didn’t know however

If to expect too much was right;

“Claim it!” “Think positive!” were the words of advice

But what if it doesn’t happen and disappointment waits by the finish line?

Over and over she thought all night-

The Secret to get what you want is obvious,

It’s not dream boards nor reading life-coaching books.

Take action, do! The next step is to move!

Don’t just sit around and wait for your wish to come true.

And so miss optimistic

Was little miss fighter,

Little miss hopeful,

And was a little bit brighter. ☼


To the person about to cry,

Cry. Cry a river.

Let it all out. Scream if you have to.

Cry. Cry boulders of teardrops.

Do it for your sanity, do it for your peace of mind.

Cry. It’s fine. It’s even more than fine.

It doesn’t make you stupid, doesn’t make you flawed.

It makes you a perfectly human actually.

A Year Older…

Do I know my purpose in life?

Have I realized my dreams and passions?

Am I any closer to fulfilling them?

Did I value the precious days I was blessed with?

Have I done something I’d look back on and think “Damn that was fun”?

Do I have the body I’ve always wanted?

Am I the best version of myself?

Have I given my family and friends the best kind of love I can give?

As I live life this year to the next, I will strive to answer all these questions with a “HELL YES!

But for now, let me enjoy my birthday cake. 🙂