UP Prof Guide (PE 2 Courses)

UP offers a multitude of PE courses that cover land, water, and air. Along with basic PE 1 (Foundations of Physical Fitness),  I was pleasantly surprised to find unique classes like”Walking for fitness”, “Petanque”, “Skin diving”, and “Bird watching”. Everyone says (even a PE 1 prof) to take as much PE 2 courses as you can bec. they’re free and the professors are usually top-notch but the easily-tired me limited myself to these four: Continue reading


My UP Prof Guide (MST GE Courses)

Math and Science are my weakness. If only I could escape from their scary grasps, I’d run as fast as I could. It’s not possible though because we’re required to take 5 MST courses including STS. What I did instead was enlisted the courses that I thought would focus on terms, theories, and real-life application than solutions by the book. Chem 1 is an exception because… it’s Chem.


  • Bio 1 Various professors | Taken one summer, we had around 8 professors who discussed various topics on Biology. So madami ka din is-SET!  Continue reading

New Year, New Planner | Bliss Planner 2016

I blame binge watching  American Horror Story and One Punch Man for my blog absence. but no one cares anyway sooo :)) Yay for my first post this year woooo~ it’s as short as 2015. Where did 2015 go btw?!

Planner 2016

Premium version and Basic version side by side

This New Year came with new hopes, goals, resolutions, and a need for a new planner. So happy that I found out about Bliss Planner, a planner/organizer/binder and helping hand in conquering the year blissfully! Turn the page and read 5 reasons why it’s awesome on wheninmanila. *hindi matatapos ang 2016 if you don’t click the link

Bliss Planner

Basic (P550) | Premium (P850)
IG | @blissplanner

Fortune Island Tour in Batangas

As a requirement of our tour 175 class (Travel and Management), we developed and operated an overnight travel package to Batangas in November. One of the destinations we visited was the breathtaking Fortune Island, off the coast of Barangay Bucana, Nasugbu, Batangas. I wrote about the island on my Wheninmanila.com article 🙂 More photos there. Puro ako kasi in this post hehe *click, it’s safe!

Boat to Fortune Island, Barangay Bucana

About to go on a 2-hour boat ride to the abandoned resort

We were a group of 30. The day was filled with lots of group activities and basking under the intense heat. Super init dun at high noon so bring a swimsuit to cool yourself in the clear waters. Don’t be like me who swam in my shirt and shorts cos’ I thought that the water would be dirty! I was so wrong.


regaining my energy before we climb to the pillars (nasisilaw face)

Little Greece on top there was the highlight of the trip for me. Continue reading

My Own UP Prof Guide Thingy (SSP GE Courses)

It’s the start of mid-year enlistment already and I thought that you guys might want to know a little bit about your future professors. Although I’m not quite sure if they’ll be teaching this mid-year. Didn’t check.

SSP GEs are the most interactive classes I have taken! There were a lot of group activities (the fun interactive kind not the why-am-I-doing-everything-while-my-group-mates-are-dubsmashing-kind). Here’s my opinion on the courses I had first hand experience with. 🙂


Continue reading

Timeless Fashion Trend: Little White Dress

white dressOfficial photo used for voting.

White and black dominate my closet color palette. It makes sense that the classic little black dress must have a sister- the little white dress. Continue reading

My UP Prof Guide (AH GE Courses)

THE UP PROF GUIDE TAG IS SUPER HELPFUL! I search it come enrollment time and learn who the terror profs to avoid are. But sometimes I don’t care anymore as long as I get units. Kahit maniac yung prof enlist padin haha

So I’m posting my own because I have something to share about all the profs and unique courses I took. Don’t want to keep this post too long so I’m limiting it to AH electives. #ILoveCRS

GEs are my favorite courses bec it’s so much fun (most of the time) and learning outside of your major is an eye opener. Anyway, hope whatever short comments I put on here helps 🙂

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