Just Indulge with Seattle’s Best Coffee’s Just Desserts Line

Seattle's Best Just Desserts Mocha and Javakula8New Javakulas (L-R): Triple Chocolate, Campfire S’mores, and Hazelnut Cheesecake

I practice self-love by treating myself to my favorite food, which are most of the time a slice of dessert and good iced drinks. After rendering OT several days a week, I think I deserve a cheat day… or three!

Seattle’s Best Coffee is ready to reward us hustlers with their “SBC Just Desserts” line featuring three entirely new beverages to warm ourselves up or to celebrate a productive day! Any reason is valid  to indulge in these treats, available in hot mocha or ice-blended Javakula. Submitted your presentation on time? Treat yourself!

Seattle's Best Just Desserts Mocha and Javakula2Chocolate powder to make it pretty~

At the launch, we were all eyes during the live demo of how these new drinks were crafted. Dispensing the cheesecake whipped cream needs some serious shaking and muscles! Then we wrapped our souls (and stomach) with all the delicious goodness only the best desserts can bring.

Seattle's Best Just Desserts Javakula Triple ChocolateSeattle's Best Just Desserts Campfire S'moresI grabbed the tempting Triple Chocolate because too much chocolate doesn’t scare me! Topped with  oreo chocolate sauce and a fudge bar, this was motherfudging delicious! My sister went for the Campfire S’mores because there’s no way to say no to this favorite dessert. Continue reading


Final Seconds of Summer

Bid farewell to the sunflowers, vivid skies, and golden summer to welcome the “champorado weather” with open arms! To the people who tag it as cuddle weather, ipasok niyo muna sinampay! jokeee. Is it just me, or does gloomy and gray skies feel much more calming, more chill, and happier?Sibstry Gelato FixNot gonna say bye to Gelato, because it’s Gelato weather any day. My sister and I tried a cute little shop along 11th Avenue BGC this afternoon. We also filmed here for another #SibsTry episode but not sure if she’ll upload it cos’ the audio was crappy.

But I’m posting our Summer to Rainy day OOTDs because it’s been awhile, blog! To the one person who reads my blog AKA my mommy,  hello! wuvyuSuede Shoes from MimotEasy tip: For one side of a jacket to stay down, do not align the buttons. Go a notch or two higher when buttoning up. Good style for our bipolar weather.Inna paredes happy denim outfitSigns of summer still show with florals but a dusty, neutral pallet make it more appropriate, I think. Continue reading

81 SeiHai Sushi Lounge: Rolling out soon at Timog, QC!

Wasaaa, bae? I learned a new word today!

“Omotenashi” is the Japanese concept of providing the best service without expecting any reward. This is probably why tipping in Japan is not practiced?  “Omote” means public face that is an image one would wish to present when outside the confines of his or her home, and “Nashi” means nothing. Together, it means that service is from the bottom of the heart – honest, no hiding, and no pretentions.

This kind of wholehearted hospitality (along with sticky onigiri, fluffy tamago, and sparkling bento boxes) is what I look for when dining in Japanese restos. If you want to experience Omotenashi, 81 SEIHAI Sushi Lounge, a new Fusion Japanese Sushi Lounge, will roll out in April and serve you much more than that. Here are some things I can’t wait to SAY HI to:

Their Version of Omotenashi

Hospitality is said to be taken a notch higher at 81 SEIHAI. In addition to the usual greetings like “irasshaimase” (welcome/ come in) or “ohayo gozaimasu” (Good morning), there are hospitality gestures unique to the restaurant making each customer feel at home.  This extends to how the fusion sushi dishes are prepared. Continue reading

6 Most Popular Tourist Activities to Enjoy in the Ilocos Region

Tourist Activities to do in Ilocos

The province of Ilocos is a popular tourist destination because of its rich food and even richer history. The stiff-neck-causing 9-hour ride from Manila to the northernmost tip of mainland Luzon was well worth it as the surroundings transitioned from a grey cityscape to vibrant greenery and deep blue rolling beaches. (Plus hoards of ice scramble vendors too!)

Patapat Viaduct Ilocos Tourist Spot
Hitch hiker spotted at Patapat Viaduct

Here’s a list of some popular tourist activities that you should try when in Ilocos:

6) Make Wishes at Paoay Church, Laoag

Paoay Church

It’s Filipino tradition to make a wish in a church that you visited for the first time. How magical it was to hope it would come true in this beautiful baroque church designated as a national cultural treasure and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Btw, my wish was to have the super ability to turn back time and change some stuff loljk but have you ever wished for the same? Continue reading

7 Favorite Diner Dishes that are So Fast-Good!

Have you ever played “Diner Dash”? I remember looking for game cracks for hours on my computer so I could watch what happens in Flo’s story next, as my Big Fish Games free trial had just expired #11YearOldProbs.

My favorite parts were (1) decorating my diner and (2) watching the color-coded customers finish their plates of burgers, steak, fries and other appetizing comfort food. To fill hearts of impatient guests, diner dishes are the best to offer as they’re prepared quick and easy to serve food fast – good for those who are in a hurry, and apropos to label these kinds of meals as ‘fast-good’.  Below are 7 Favorite Diner Dishes that are So Fast-Good:

Silog Meals

First up is the Filipino fave -silog. Almost any viand goes well with a runny egg and cups of the garlic-heavy sinangag or fried rice. Daing? Dasilog. Maling? Masilog. Longganisa and tapa? With two eggs, please.

Ally's All-Day Breakfast silog meals

Crispy Calamari

Anything deep-fried can easily be found at a diner, just like the golden Crispy Calamari! Crispy Calamari is squid drenched in flour and peppered with lots of flavor. Paired best with lots of marinara sauce, this appetizer invigorates diners for a full meal ahead! Continue reading

Fall/Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

Brrr~ the cold season is here and I love how it’s been chilly! Well, not always. Some days, it still feels like summer with buckets of sweat dripping off my skin just minutes after taking a shower. But that’s tropical weather for you. Heaven for foreigners, hell for commuters.

Video from Sara Paredes’s facebook page:


For Fall/Winter 2017, trends have made a comeback from retro polkadots to the mid-80s grunge. My sister, Sara, and I had so much fun playing around with this season’s hottest trends! We curated 5 everyday looks that everyone can wear. Here are three of my favorites:

Grunge Treatment

Fall Winter fashion trends ph (3)

Gingham and Flashes of Skin

Fall Winter fashion trends ph (1)

Feminine Frocks and Preppy Pastel

Fall Winter fashion trends ph (2)

My sister and I bond over fashion (and chocolate) so it was super fun to shoot this lookbook! All awkward moments were cut out, and there were a lot!!! She has a legit blog now too! Check out saraparedes.com  for style, travel, and lots of abs! 😉

Shot at @dulomnl events space.


Flowers in the Fields of Tagaytay

I’ve been poor at publishing posts because this fresh graduate (naks naman!) has been busy being a bum (not so naks). The real naks are mid-bearing and high waist outfits which have been my go-tos lately just like this floral one with pops of pink all over.

Chill day at Tagaytay Tropical Greens

I wore this tropical set over a month ago for an overnight grad celebration at Tagaytay Tropical Greens with friends. #ThrowbackTuesday

Girl in the fields outfit

“Nakasuot ka na ng pang-swimming!?” (You’re wearing your swimwear already!?) my friend quizically asked when we met up at Jollibee. Continue reading

Waffle Obsessed at Batter or Dough, SM North Edsa

Batter or dough SM North Edsa

We shouldn’t compare pancakes with waffles, its much more sculpted cousin (they’re the one with abs right?) because they’re both batter-based happiness cakes that everyone deserves. I’ll take them both any day tbh but today I’m craving for dessert waffles- extra crispy and a little bit chewy please.

Crispy waffle flavors
(Clockwise from upper-left) Cinnamon Sugar (P135), Batter or Dough Original (P95), Whipped Butter and Maple (P150), Nutella (P150)

Batter or Dough serves them golden brown and hot off the iron with cool and creamy drinks to go with! Read if they’re good or not on wheninmanila.com! *Drizzles more maple syrup while waiting for you to click*

Batter or Dough

4th Floor, The Block SM North Edsa, Quezon City
Instagram | @batterordough

Sugar Cravings Solved at Puzzles Board Game Lounge

Me: *Eats deep fried oreos, milkshakes overloaded with ice cream, and more sugar
Also me: ugh why do I keep getting pimples

I curb my sugar cravings on weekdays. I sometimes fail at religiously staying away from it though with a few cookies now and then but swear, I try to say no. Weekends are my cheat days when I satisfy my desire for sweets! My almost week-long dessert-fasting came to an end with a Saturday visit to Puzzles Board Game Lounge BGC.

Wicked Oreos
Oreo Afraid of the Dark? (P150)

The Puzzles Milkshake in Vanilla, Oreo, and Chocolate (P210)

Milo Godzilla
Milo Godzilla (P180)

Puzzles BGC Branch
Good food and good old board games

Puzzles did not only solve my sugar cravings but also served as an avenue for  us to be kids again. They offer about 350 tabletop games and indulgent comfort food. They’re launching a new menu this May so the prices may change. Read all about Puzzles on wheninmanila.com! *I won’t share my Oreo milkshake with you unless you click*

Puzzles Board Game Lounge

Ground Floor, Fort Pointe 2 Building, The Fort Strip, 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Instagram , Twitter | @PuzzlesBG



5 Iconic Food Trip Stops in Binondo! (A Review)

Manila Chinatown
Chinese New Year, January 28, is fast approaching! The world’s oldest Chinatown would be teeming with families on a day trip, squads on a food trip, performers in red & gold, dragons, and more people who will celebrate the Fire Rooster Year.


We wanted to experience the less crowded version of Binondo so Jolo, my brother, and I went on a Ramada Manila staycation and food trip early in January. All about our Ramada Manila experience on Wheninmanila.com. The vast choices of food available kept our tummies very happy during our stay. We wandered at night looking for the locals’ favorite restaurants for some takeout to eat back at our hotel.Here are our five must-try food trip stops in Binondo:

5. Five Spice Bistro

Five Spice Bistro at Ramada Manila kick-started our food trip. We had a lunch and breakfast buffet at this Asian-themed bistro. Arriving pretty late in the afternoon, the buffet spread was half-full. The food left was satisfactory. It wasn’t “wow omg ang sarap” levels but tasted fresh and homemade nonetheless.

Five Spice Bistro Continue reading