UP Prof Guide (PE 2 Courses)

UP offers a multitude of PE courses that cover land, water, and air. Along with basic PE 1 (Foundations of Physical Fitness),  I was pleasantly surprised to find unique classes like”Walking for fitness”, “Petanque”, “Skin diving”, and “Bird watching”. Everyone says (even a PE 1 prof) to take as much PE 2 courses as you can bec. they’re free and the professors are usually top-notch but the easily-tired me limited myself to these four: Continue reading

BLMP: Portable Air Couch on Water

I’m always tired (but never of you. hahajk). So getting out of bed is a struggle everyday and missing that comfort happens a lot. Tired grandmas like me who crave rest breaks anywhere they go will be happy to know that there’s a product for that. Bringing your couch/bed outdoors, but not really, is possible!

BLMP is a portable air couch that comes in its own little bag. More about it on Wheninmanila.com. *Will just snuggle in my blmp while waiting for you to read about the best outdoor couch ever.

BLMP Air Couch (1)
Feeling like a sleepy hotdog

BLMP Air Couch (3)



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