Flowers in the Fields of Tagaytay

I’ve been poor at publishing posts because this fresh graduate (naks naman!) has been busy being a bum (not so naks). The real naks are mid-bearing and high waist outfits which have been my go-tos lately just like this floral one with pops of pink all over.

Chill day at Tagaytay Tropical Greens

I wore this tropical set over a month ago for an overnight grad celebration at Tagaytay Tropical Greens with friends. #ThrowbackTuesday

Girl in the fields outfit

“Nakasuot ka na ng pang-swimming!?” (You’re wearing your swimwear already!?) my friend quizically asked when we met up at Jollibee. Continue reading

Holiday Shopping in Reds


My sister and I scoured Rockwell’s Holiday Fair at Hidalgo drive looking for quirky gifts. We found “animals judging people” pins and sushi socks! Just across is a parking entrance which we thought was a good contrast background for our super casual white, red, and maroon clothes. There also weren’t much cars driving through so we didn’t feel too judged :)) Continue reading

Easy Outfit | Denim Dungarees


Currently in that UP college senior stage where I almost don’t care about what I wear to school anymore. I could wear pambahay to school anytime and people won’t judge me… but I’d judge myself :)) The Continue reading

It’s a Twin Thing! | White Co-ords

co-ordinates white top and skirtVanilla ice cream, cappuccino foam, marshmallows, fluffy clouds… I’m obsessed with all things white, especially clothing. Whenever I pack clothes for a school week, 80% of it are in neutral colors- Black, gray, and there’s always something in white.

In the Philippines, it remains humid despite the recent rainy/gloomy weather so I wear white to feel fresh. Kahit sa feeing lang. Because the sets are made of exactly the same pattern and material, co-ords or co-ordinate sets are easy go-tos when you want to look cute and coordinated without thinking about it too much. They’re fashioned to be worn together (Buti pa yung clothes, made for each other… lol sorry.) or as stunning separates which multiplies your outfit pairings. Putting together an outfit is such a breeze with co-ords! It’s a twin thing! I remember reading an article before that said wearing too matchy-matchy pieces was a fashion no-no. Co-ords beg to differ.

Co-ords Top and skirt (3)
Double chin says hi! 😛

Co-ords Top and skirt (2)

Mango Co-ords, Kiss necklace, shoes (similar here) |Swatch Golden Block  (shop here)

Photos by Sara Paredes

Finding Paradise | Caramoan Islands

I’m finding paradise wherever I go. No kidding, I still haven’t recovered from my Caramoan hangover . Read about Day 1 here. Daring activities are also on Today’s post will focus on:


Caramoan Islands Blog  (1)
Paniman Beach, Caramoan
Island girls are ready!

Day 2 involved more island hopping and playing in the water. As long as you’re not too restricted in your clothes, go ahead and wear what you want over your swimwear. These girls know what we should not leave- sunglasses or caps!

Matukad Island was a paradise where we went rock-climbing. My very short limbs did not disappoint me! I didn’t want to bare my flabs so to girls who relate with me, consider wearing highwaist bikini bottoms and shorts to conceal it hehe. Also, I was matchy-matchy with the rocks yay~

Caramoan T-shirts
Caramoan souvenir shirts

Forever 21 lace | Mango Distressed Shorts | Topshop bikini top, braided bottoms (shop white)

If it’s not obvious, I was melting like an ice cream in the rocky photos! I also melt sometimes when he smiles… lol jk! That’s enough for my intro to this song-

Easter Bunny

Long dressChubby Bunny CheeksHappy Easter, bunnies! Easter eggs are usually in pastel colors so I thought this outfit was Easter enough. Mind the baby blue and pastel green stripes of the dress. Ma-relate lang. I hope that we don’t only think of bunny snapchat filters and Cadbury eggs today but also of the significance of the holiday and the Holy Week. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Grinch

Black and white outfitWhat to wear with highwaist skirt

Mango cap

Happy Valentine’s Day to all couples and loners (like me)! It’s a holiday that I don’t really celebrate but I love how the stores are filled with red and pink chocolates, flowers, and scary stuffed toys. For the first 3 hours of Feb. 14, I spent it with friends at UP Fair Roots 2016! Solid night with OPM artists! That was enough of a celebration already for me and so the rest of the day, I stayed cooped up at home eating milk chocolate and banana twinkies until I realized that I haven’t posted a fashion and personal style post in months. Alas, this. Continue reading

Dressing Down Dressy Dresses

Leopard Print DressLe cool amourSkater Dress (7)

I’ve had this leopard-print dress for 4+ years now but I’ve only worn it once when I attended a debut. After, I didn’t think wearing it on a casual day out was too appropriate. To get more wear out of it, tying a Continue reading

How to Wear: Pleated Midi Skirt

Bonifacio Globall City
Outfit idea midi skirtFashion maniac

Pang-manang!” was my first thought upon seeing this pleated midi skirt. It was also the second, third, and fourth thought… and then boom I finally appreciated this pleated perfection. It’s all about looking younger. No to mamang-ish vibes! Continue reading

Studio Fashion Shoot

Mango Cat SweaterHola a todos! Agggh haven’t posted in so long! College gal got too busy. 😥 APEC week is actually habulan ng requirements week srsly

Let’s forget about the stress from school for a while. Photos shot in a studio get kinda boring with just that plain white or black background so I have fun with Adobe Photoshop by adding gradient, custom shapes, and other effects to it. For some, I just change the background color into something pastel. Helped my sister again with her photography finals so I have a few to post today. YAY! Editing these were super easy though! Just make sure to duplicate or copy the layer whenever you add an effect so you can easily delete or change what you don’t want. Beauty Shot close upCamouflage Jacket Style

Mango Cat sweater, shorts | Topshop camouflage jacket | Purple Converse

Photos by Sara Paredes

I heard a really good Foo Fighters acoustic female version cover on the radio some time ago and I couldn’t find it online! Youtube led me to this girl and hers is pretty good too. Really wanna find the one I heard though.