A Year Older…

Do I know my purpose in life?

Have I realized my dreams and passions?

Am I any closer to fulfilling them?

Did I value the precious days I was blessed with?

Have I done something I’d look back on and think “Damn that was fun”?

Do I have the body I’ve always wanted?

Am I the best version of myself?

Have I given my family and friends the best kind of love I can give?

As I live life this year to the next, I will strive to answer all these questions with a “HELL YES!

But for now, let me enjoy my birthday cake. ūüôā


Start of something…

It’s 1am, no school ’til January 15 and I just thought of all the free time I have no idea how to spend. I could blog. I’m not a great writer at all (If anything, I’m a poor writer) but I like putting my thoughts somewhere so I can go back to them in the future. But what could I blog about…

  • FASHION. Dressing up/down and deciding what to wear is so much fun for me. I read a lot on fashion trends and stalk so many bloggers but it doesn’t mean I wear what they wear. I usually¬†go for the college kid shorts and t-shirt look.¬†It could be other people’s outfits too.
  • DESSERT.¬†Because I love!
  • PHOTOGRAPHY. I enjoy taking photos even just with a crappy cellphone camera but I can’t call myself a photographer because my noob skillz won’t allow me to. I still have to teach myself the basic aperture, ISO, and shutter shit.
  • TRAVEL. Tourism student represent!

This is a start of something, for sure, but I just can’t put my finger on what yet.

Sara, if ever you read this please lend me the camera every time I ask  para ganahan ako mag-blog hahaha pretty please