6 Most Popular Tourist Activities to Enjoy in the Ilocos Region

Tourist Activities to do in Ilocos

The province of Ilocos is a popular tourist destination because of its rich food and even richer history. The stiff-neck-causing 9-hour ride from Manila to the northernmost tip of mainland Luzon was well worth it as the surroundings transitioned from a grey cityscape to vibrant greenery and deep blue rolling beaches. (Plus hoards of ice scramble vendors too!)

Patapat Viaduct Ilocos Tourist Spot
Hitch hiker spotted at Patapat Viaduct

Here’s a list of some popular tourist activities that you should try when in Ilocos:

6) Make Wishes at Paoay Church, Laoag

Paoay Church

It’s Filipino tradition to make a wish in a church that you visited for the first time. How magical it was to hope it would come true in this beautiful baroque church designated as a national cultural treasure and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Btw, my wish was to have the super ability to turn back time and change some stuff loljk but have you ever wished for the same? Continue reading

5 Iconic Food Trip Stops in Binondo! (A Review)

Manila Chinatown
Chinese New Year, January 28, is fast approaching! The world’s oldest Chinatown would be teeming with families on a day trip, squads on a food trip, performers in red & gold, dragons, and more people who will celebrate the Fire Rooster Year.


We wanted to experience the less crowded version of Binondo so Jolo, my brother, and I went on a Ramada Manila staycation and food trip early in January. All about our Ramada Manila experience on Wheninmanila.com. The vast choices of food available kept our tummies very happy during our stay. We wandered at night looking for the locals’ favorite restaurants for some takeout to eat back at our hotel.Here are our five must-try food trip stops in Binondo:

5. Five Spice Bistro

Five Spice Bistro at Ramada Manila kick-started our food trip. We had a lunch and breakfast buffet at this Asian-themed bistro. Arriving pretty late in the afternoon, the buffet spread was half-full. The food left was satisfactory. It wasn’t “wow omg ang sarap” levels but tasted fresh and homemade nonetheless.

Five Spice Bistro Continue reading

Caramoan Islands, Cam Sur | Day 1

The first day at Camarines Sur involved not so smooth rides on deep waters to the sublimely beautiful Caramoan Islands. Check out all the daring activities we did on Wheninmanila.com. *Click if you love white sand beaches

Beach & Waves Resort, Brgy. Paniman, Caramoan

The resort we stayed in had a beachfront view. *heart-eyes emoji* As for amenities, there were very basic rooms with weak a/c and no tv. You don’t need tv though bec. the entertainment you’ll get from nature activities is enough. There was no wifi nor toiletries. To make up for it, the very friendly staff made the place feel like home for both days. The tourism officer assured us that development is taking place, although slow, it will still happen.

Beach Wear

Beach day outfit shorts

Topshop Bikini and denimTopshop cut out bikini top (shop here)

Pair breezy and light clothes where you can freely move around in Continue reading

Potipot Gateway Resort, Zambales

Potipot Gateway was the resort we stayed in a few months ago and if you’re looking for a homey and affordable getaway from the city, I think you’d really like it there. As in really! Continue reading

Fortune Island Tour in Batangas

As a requirement of our tour 175 class (Travel and Management), we developed and operated an overnight travel package to Batangas in November. One of the destinations we visited was the breathtaking Fortune Island, off the coast of Barangay Bucana, Nasugbu, Batangas. I wrote about the island on my Wheninmanila.com article 🙂 More photos there. Puro ako kasi in this post hehe *click, it’s safe!

Boat to Fortune Island, Barangay Bucana

About to go on a 2-hour boat ride to the abandoned resort

We were a group of 30. The day was filled with lots of group activities and basking under the intense heat. Super init dun at high noon so bring a swimsuit to cool yourself in the clear waters. Don’t be like me who swam in my shirt and shorts cos’ I thought that the water would be dirty! I was so wrong.


regaining my energy before we climb to the pillars (nasisilaw face)

Little Greece on top there was the highlight of the trip for me. Continue reading