Moved to The Sibs Blog!

Hi, internet friends 🙂

Haven’t posted in months (lol no one notices naman but anywaayy)! Sara, my sister, and I started our blog so I won’t publish here anymore.

SIBS is a lifestyle blog that hopefully pushes people to try and give a go at life. We will focus on local travel, fashion, and food (the weirder, the better!). It’s a work in progress but currently has 2 travel entries on there.

Going to Elyu soon? TRY THESE 5 LAIDBACK ACTIVITIES!! *click on photo:

La Union Itinerary for first-timers

We’re working on it though! Just finding more time to create quality content in between working, being lazy on weekends, and actually taking postable photos during our trips. Plus there’s this challenge where we still couldn’t enroll in Google Analytics that’s soooo irritating ._.

Bye to this blog that I started in college (for now)! Keeping my posts here so I can look back and cringe on whatever I wrote lol – especially my puns.


New Year, New Planner | Bliss Planner 2016

I blame binge watching  American Horror Story and One Punch Man for my blog absence. but no one cares anyway sooo :)) Yay for my first post this year woooo~ it’s as short as 2015. Where did 2015 go btw?!

Planner 2016

Premium version and Basic version side by side

This New Year came with new hopes, goals, resolutions, and a need for a new planner. So happy that I found out about Bliss Planner, a planner/organizer/binder and helping hand in conquering the year blissfully! Turn the page and read 5 reasons why it’s awesome on wheninmanila. *hindi matatapos ang 2016 if you don’t click the link

Bliss Planner

Basic (P550) | Premium (P850)
IG | @blissplanner

Sketchy Call From Fake Crown Regency Hotel Representative (Scam)

Some guy (I forgot his name *bad memory is bad) using the number 09176452732 called my dad’s number looking for me. He immediately started talking about a Referral Promo which I supposedly won. Srsly? Sketchyyyy! 😐 It went a little bit like this:

Guy: Hello, ma’am Inna?

Me: Yes?

G: Hi Ma’am! You just won a 3d2n stay at Crown Regency Hotel! We have an ongoing promo at our Davao and Cebu branches where someone noted you as the person who referred them. Your stay will be absolutely free and you can claim it at the following branches: Makati, Ortigas, etc. Which branch is closest to you? Continue reading

Start of something…

It’s 1am, no school ’til January 15 and I just thought of all the free time I have no idea how to spend. I could blog. I’m not a great writer at all (If anything, I’m a poor writer) but I like putting my thoughts somewhere so I can go back to them in the future. But what could I blog about…

  • FASHION. Dressing up/down and deciding what to wear is so much fun for me. I read a lot on fashion trends and stalk so many bloggers but it doesn’t mean I wear what they wear. I usually go for the college kid shorts and t-shirt look. It could be other people’s outfits too.
  • DESSERT. Because I love!
  • PHOTOGRAPHY. I enjoy taking photos even just with a crappy cellphone camera but I can’t call myself a photographer because my noob skillz won’t allow me to. I still have to teach myself the basic aperture, ISO, and shutter shit.
  • TRAVEL. Tourism student represent!

This is a start of something, for sure, but I just can’t put my finger on what yet.

Sara, if ever you read this please lend me the camera every time I ask  para ganahan ako mag-blog hahaha pretty please