Final Seconds of Summer

Bid farewell to the sunflowers, vivid skies, and golden summer to welcome the “champorado weather” with open arms! To the people who tag it as cuddle weather, ipasok niyo muna sinampay! jokeee. Is it just me, or does gloomy and gray skies feel much more calming, more chill, and happier?Sibstry Gelato FixNot gonna say bye to Gelato, because it’s Gelato weather any day. My sister and I tried a cute little shop along 11th Avenue BGC this afternoon. We also filmed here for another #SibsTry episode but not sure if she’ll upload it cos’ the audio was crappy.

But I’m posting our Summer to Rainy day OOTDs because it’s been awhile, blog! To the one person who reads my blog AKA my mommy,  hello! wuvyuSuede Shoes from MimotEasy tip: For one side of a jacket to stay down, do not align the buttons. Go a notch or two higher when buttoning up. Good style for our bipolar weather.Inna paredes happy denim outfitSigns of summer still show with florals but a dusty, neutral pallet make it more appropriate, I think. Continue reading