UP Prof Guide (PE 2 Courses)

UP offers a multitude of PE courses that cover land, water, and air. Along with basic PE 1 (Foundations of Physical Fitness),  I was pleasantly surprised to find unique classes like”Walking for fitness”, “Petanque”, “Skin diving”, and “Bird watching”. Everyone says (even a PE 1 prof) to take as much PE 2 courses as you can bec. they’re free and the professors are usually top-notch but the easily-tired me limited myself to these four: Continue reading


Easy Outfit | Denim Dungarees


Currently in that UP college senior stage where I almost don’t care about what I wear to school anymore. I could wear pambahay to school anytime and people won’t judge me… but I’d judge myself :)) The Continue reading

Nanbantei of Tokyo: Grilled Japanese Yakitori at Bonifacio Global City

This is a non-dessert related food post! Share for luck because it appears only during the 11th moon rise when planets align. Jk. I decided to start writing about restaurants that don’t specialize only in sugary stuff since I found myself constantly searching online for dinner choices. Even if I could have just cake for dinner, (Tried and tested ‘to) appetizers and mains make my tummy just as happy. 

nanbantei-of-tokyo-review-blog-8eThe honor (not really) of my first non-dessert restaurant feature goes to Nanbantei of Tokyo! It’s one of  my family’s favorite restaurant because of its authentic Japanese food at reasonable prices. On the same favorites list is Nihonbashitei at Pasay Road but that’s for another time.
japanese restaurant interior
Nanbantei specializes in Yakitori which are grilled and skewered dishes. Basically, they’re Japanese street food. I love Filipino food, but Yakitori is 100 levels above isaw especially when eaten with Gohan (Japanese Rice). Sorry Mang Larrys Isawan…  They also serve other dishes and they have affordable platters for the whole family. (Check menu below) 4-5 sticks of yakitori + steaming gohan + unlimited cold/hot brew service tea is enough to make you full.

Now to show how their food looks like with the photo ability of an iPhone 6. Itadakimasu~

Kani Salad (P195) and Miso Shiru (P85)

The miso soup was hearty as it had chunks of tofu and seaweed. Same goes for the Kani Salad with lots of crab! Artificial crab nga lang. Continue reading

Time Gives and Takes


I realized…
Time is free but taken for granted.

Thanks to time,
wounds heal and the ugly past fades into oblivion
you heal, you learn, you become stronger

But because of time, the moments  you wanted to last forever ended
swiftly, abruptly.
There are portions of your life you can never get back.
No thanks to time,
those moments remain only memories now.

Nay for random midnight thoughts poorly constructed
I better sleep now bye

Photo from here.

Divine Desserts at Pazar Food Park, Fairview


Food parks are go-to places when you’re in the mood for a food adventure because there are a lot to choose from for your palette to be pleased! They’re spaces made for friends, conversation, and lots of food choices. Given its rising popularity in the North, Pazar Food Park entered the scene with its 10 home-grown food concepts, each with specialties that will make go “what?” to “wow” in a bite.

I’ve written about each of them on Wheninmanila.com *click for a feast*. It was by far the most food I had in years! We came in as 4 hungry foodies and left feeling (and maybe looking) like we doubled in size after tasting EVERYTHING.

Allie Halaman at Bo's (19) My foodie friends helped me out by eating :))

My favorites were desserts of course! We had our sweet ending with S’mores Dip from Flip & Dine, Oreo surprise waffle from Cuckoo Waffles,  Ice Scramble and Choco Loco from Planet Shake.

Ice Scramble with Ice Scream
Choco Loco Madness Shake

Pazar Food Park
Blk 43 Lot 14 Regalado Ave, Fairview 1121 Quezon City
Instagram | @pazarfoodpark

It’s a Twin Thing! | White Co-ords

co-ordinates white top and skirtVanilla ice cream, cappuccino foam, marshmallows, fluffy clouds… I’m obsessed with all things white, especially clothing. Whenever I pack clothes for a school week, 80% of it are in neutral colors- Black, gray, and there’s always something in white.

In the Philippines, it remains humid despite the recent rainy/gloomy weather so I wear white to feel fresh. Kahit sa feeing lang. Because the sets are made of exactly the same pattern and material, co-ords or co-ordinate sets are easy go-tos when you want to look cute and coordinated without thinking about it too much. They’re fashioned to be worn together (Buti pa yung clothes, made for each other… lol sorry.) or as stunning separates which multiplies your outfit pairings. Putting together an outfit is such a breeze with co-ords! It’s a twin thing! I remember reading an article before that said wearing too matchy-matchy pieces was a fashion no-no. Co-ords beg to differ.

Co-ords Top and skirt (3)
Double chin says hi! 😛

Co-ords Top and skirt (2)

Mango Co-ords, Kiss necklace, shoes (similar here) |Swatch Golden Block  (shop here)

Photos by Sara Paredes

BLMP: Portable Air Couch on Water

I’m always tired (but never of you. hahajk). So getting out of bed is a struggle everyday and missing that comfort happens a lot. Tired grandmas like me who crave rest breaks anywhere they go will be happy to know that there’s a product for that. Bringing your couch/bed outdoors, but not really, is possible!

BLMP is a portable air couch that comes in its own little bag. More about it on Wheninmanila.com. *Will just snuggle in my blmp while waiting for you to read about the best outdoor couch ever.

BLMP Air Couch (1)
Feeling like a sleepy hotdog

BLMP Air Couch (3)



blmpmnl@gmail.com | 0915 644 1862
IG | @blmpmnl


My UP Prof Guide (MST GE Courses)

Math and Science are my weakness. If only I could escape from their scary grasps, I’d run as fast as I could. It’s not possible though because we’re required to take 5 MST courses including STS. What I did instead was enlisted the courses that I thought would focus on terms, theories, and real-life application than solutions by the book. Chem 1 is an exception because… it’s Chem.


  • Bio 1 Various professors | Taken one summer, we had around 8 professors who discussed various topics on Biology. So madami ka din is-SET!  Continue reading

Finding Paradise | Caramoan Islands

I’m finding paradise wherever I go. No kidding, I still haven’t recovered from my Caramoan hangover . Read about Day 1 here. Daring activities are also on Wheninmanila.com. Today’s post will focus on:


Caramoan Islands Blog  (1)
Paniman Beach, Caramoan
Island girls are ready!

Day 2 involved more island hopping and playing in the water. As long as you’re not too restricted in your clothes, go ahead and wear what you want over your swimwear. These girls know what we should not leave- sunglasses or caps!

Matukad Island was a paradise where we went rock-climbing. My very short limbs did not disappoint me! I didn’t want to bare my flabs so to girls who relate with me, consider wearing highwaist bikini bottoms and shorts to conceal it hehe. Also, I was matchy-matchy with the rocks yay~

Caramoan T-shirts
Caramoan souvenir shirts

Forever 21 lace | Mango Distressed Shorts | Topshop bikini top, braided bottoms (shop white)

If it’s not obvious, I was melting like an ice cream in the rocky photos! I also melt sometimes when he smiles… lol jk! That’s enough for my intro to this song-

Caramoan Islands, Cam Sur | Day 1

The first day at Camarines Sur involved not so smooth rides on deep waters to the sublimely beautiful Caramoan Islands. Check out all the daring activities we did on Wheninmanila.com. *Click if you love white sand beaches

Beach & Waves Resort, Brgy. Paniman, Caramoan

The resort we stayed in had a beachfront view. *heart-eyes emoji* As for amenities, there were very basic rooms with weak a/c and no tv. You don’t need tv though bec. the entertainment you’ll get from nature activities is enough. There was no wifi nor toiletries. To make up for it, the very friendly staff made the place feel like home for both days. The tourism officer assured us that development is taking place, although slow, it will still happen.

Beach Wear

Beach day outfit shorts

Topshop Bikini and denimTopshop cut out bikini top (shop here)

Pair breezy and light clothes where you can freely move around in Continue reading