Nanbantei of Tokyo: Grilled Japanese Yakitori at Bonifacio Global City

This is a non-dessert related food post! Share for luck because it appears only during the 11th moon rise when planets align. Jk. I decided to start writing about restaurants that don’t specialize only in sugary stuff since I found myself constantly searching online for dinner choices. Even if I could have just cake for dinner, (Tried and tested ‘to) appetizers and mains make my tummy just as happy. 

nanbantei-of-tokyo-review-blog-8eThe honor (not really) of my first non-dessert restaurant feature goes to Nanbantei of Tokyo! It’s one of  my family’s favorite restaurant because of its authentic Japanese food at reasonable prices. On the same favorites list is Nihonbashitei at Pasay Road but that’s for another time.
japanese restaurant interior
Nanbantei specializes in Yakitori which are grilled and skewered dishes. Basically, they’re Japanese street food. I love Filipino food, but Yakitori is 100 levels above isaw especially when eaten with Gohan (Japanese Rice). Sorry Mang Larrys Isawan…  They also serve other dishes and they have affordable platters for the whole family. (Check menu below) 4-5 sticks of yakitori + steaming gohan + unlimited cold/hot brew service tea is enough to make you full.

Now to show how their food looks like with the photo ability of an iPhone 6. Itadakimasu~

Kani Salad (P195) and Miso Shiru (P85)

The miso soup was hearty as it had chunks of tofu and seaweed. Same goes for the Kani Salad with lots of crab! Artificial crab nga lang. Continue reading