Finding Paradise | Caramoan Islands

I’m finding paradise wherever I go. No kidding, I still haven’t recovered from my Caramoan hangover . Read about Day 1 here. Daring activities are also on Today’s post will focus on:


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Paniman Beach, Caramoan
Island girls are ready!

Day 2 involved more island hopping and playing in the water. As long as you’re not too restricted in your clothes, go ahead and wear what you want over your swimwear. These girls know what we should not leave- sunglasses or caps!

Matukad Island was a paradise where we went rock-climbing. My very short limbs did not disappoint me! I didn’t want to bare my flabs so to girls who relate with me, consider wearing highwaist bikini bottoms and shorts to conceal it hehe. Also, I was matchy-matchy with the rocks yay~

Caramoan T-shirts
Caramoan souvenir shirts

Forever 21 lace | Mango Distressed Shorts | Topshop bikini top, braided bottoms (shop white)

If it’s not obvious, I was melting like an ice cream in the rocky photos! I also melt sometimes when he smiles… lol jk! That’s enough for my intro to this song-