About This Girl

Inna is a BS Tourism fresh graduate who enjoys dress-up and hopes that whatever she throws on looks cute. She strives to improve her noob photography “skillz” when she has time to play with a camera.

Inna Paredes (Inky) is a 23 yr old young dreamer who just started adulting in the hospitality industry. She buries herself in books and binge-watches American Horror Story/ Riverdale /Game of Thrones when she isn’t out discovering food places with her friends. One unique thing is that she is always, ALWAYS ready for dessert and derives great pleasure from eating gelato and other frozen treats. She chooses to be optimistic because it feels better.

This is her online diary where she blogs about life, style, lots of food, and moments for future reference (and possibly shame).

She also writes for Wheninmanila.com

CONTACT | innaparedes@gmail.com ; Facebook

Prone to wander~

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