Holiday Shopping in Reds


My sister and I scoured Rockwell’s Holiday Fair at Hidalgo drive looking for quirky gifts. We found “animals judging people” pins and sushi socks! Just across is a parking entrance which we thought was a good contrast background for our super casual white, red, and maroon clothes. There also weren’t much cars driving through so we didn’t feel too judged :))


UP Maroon baseball shirt was customized and ordered from a UP org. Is it sad that I wear baseball shirts but am a weak bat-swinger? I think so. Mapagpanggap lang! Sara channeled Mrs. Claus in her cute red & white combo plus ‘hi-kids-i’m-on-the-nice-list-smile’.

Looking for Santa’s Reindeers

Feliz Navidad! Thank you Lord for the people who make my life worth living  ❤

On me: Mango spaghetti strap, pearl cuff earring| Customized baseball shirt | Converse 
On Sara: Mango coated denim dress, crop top, rubber shoes

My brother played his HS Christmas playlist and I was surprised to still know every word to this song. I’m not quite ready to let go of this past year. Although I think I am ready to move on to an absolutely happy 2017!


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