UP Prof Guide (PE 2 Courses)

UP offers a multitude of PE courses that cover land, water, and air. Along with basic PE 1 (Foundations of Physical Fitness),  I was pleasantly surprised to find unique classes like”Walking for fitness”, “Petanque”, “Skin diving”, and “Bird watching”. Everyone says (even a PE 1 prof) to take as much PE 2 courses as you can bec. they’re free and the professors are usually top-notch but the easily-tired me limited myself to these four:

  • PE 2 CHL Cheerleading Coach Lalaine Pereña | Priority CDC tickets (Cheer Dance Competition not Center for Disease Control and Prevention, okay). Let’s hope that UP Pep Squad competes in 2017 so there’s more reason to enlist. We learned UP cheers and chants needed to up team morale while we watched our assigned game. This was pretty hassle for me because our grade was based on attendance to the games with different schedules. Our class was assigned to table tennis which was conveniently hosted by Ateneo. We were also required to watch one basketball game. Maroons lost that day. 😦

    Desire? Yes, if madami kang time to watch UAAP games.

  • PE 2 PF Philippine Folk Dance Coach Lalaine Pereña | This was in summer 2014 so PE 2 classes were very limited. Medyo napilitan lang ako. The dances taught by Prof. Lalaine required a partner from the opposite sex that’s why only an equal number of male and female students could enlist. Classes were held in the CHK dance room where it was so hot! It was fun learning about the stories behind Philippine folk dances and then murdering it with my awkward dancing skillz.

Desire? Yes, during colder months.

We were required to wear PE shirts + skirts (for the women). 

  • PE 2 BW-T Basic Ten Pin Bowling Rachelle Santiago | Classes were held at Ever Gotesco Mall (the old mall that looks like a castle) in Tandang Sora and I didn’t like how it was pretty far from campus. We learned the basics including proper form, rules, and tools of the game. This Monday class had me constantly battling with laziness. My team made it always fun though. 🙂 Professors will grade your form more than your game score during two practical exams.

Desire? Yes if you’re into the sport.

  • PE 2 CP Camping Ronualdo Dizer | BEST PE EVER. I’m dispelling the rumor that you’ll be attending only two meetings for the whole sem apart from the 2 actual camp days. Actually, you’ll be meeting a lot of times to talk about camping necessities, to plan with your group mates (this class builds on teamwork so there’s no room for the shy), and to pre-condition or jog around acad oval for level 2 camping. I enjoyed all activities during both camping weekends  amidst the never-ending sweat and dirt. No matter how tired you get during level 2, push yourself to reach that summit!! Props to the UP Mountaineers and councilors because they were super professional and made us feel safe. Get to know Sir Lee and more of the humorous bunch~


Conquered a mountain and cooked our own meals.

Wanderlust type of love 🍃💚 #Summit #HalataBaYungPawis

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Halata ba yung pawis?


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