Easy Outfit | Denim Dungarees


Currently in that UP college senior stage where I almost don’t care about what I wear to school anymore. I could wear pambahay to school anytime and people won’t judge me… but I’d judge myself :)) The acad stress is getting unbearable and no amount of chill music in cafes can diminish it. I don’t have enough time to create outfits for the next school week and enjoy the process. Sorry for ranting but do you feel me???

Stressed na po MEeEEeeeh

Given the dilemma, there are pieces  you hail the fashion gods for because of how easy they are to pair with and wear. Denim dungarees or pinafore dresses is a closet blessing for the always late girl. Just pick out a crop top or an oversized sweater, some fun accessories and you’re done!  When you snoozed your alarm and have zero time to match pieces, consider this super easy outfit combo as a no-brainer.


I’m so into this Voyager watch from Veloci. Orange is the perfect accent color  for denim because I think it complements the blue.

Mango denim pinafore dress, cropped sweater | Veloci watch | Adidas rubber shoes

iPhone 6 Photos by Jolo Paredes

I love it (The watch) so bad! I love you so bad… (ANU DAW?)


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