My UP Prof Guide (MST GE Courses)

Math and Science are my weakness. If only I could escape from their scary grasps, I’d run as fast as I could. It’s not possible though because we’re required to take 5 MST courses including STS. What I did instead was enlisted the courses that I thought would focus on terms, theories, and real-life application than solutions by the book. Chem 1 is an exception because… it’s Chem.


  • Bio 1 Various professors | Taken one summer, we had around 8 professors who discussed various topics on Biology. So madami ka din is-SET! As I noticed some of my classmates’ (we were 100) heads bobbing as they tried to fight their sleep, I remained alert and receptive to almost everything they discussed. Kahit wala pang Kopiko 78 nun. It was exactly what I wanted in an MST because we concentrated more on terms, understanding the human body, animals, and even cancer. Aside from multiple choice exams and some group works, there weren’t really any other requirements. Again, this was in summer where everything was fast-paced.

Desire? Yes. I loved it with all my hypothalamus!

  • GE 1 Florence Galeon and Rhodora Gonzales | Some say ang hassle ng course na ito. I don’t think so because even if there were a lot of group works, at least you’re not alone and have group mates you can work (cram) with. Get ready to explore UP and use the equipment you see Engg students carry around. Sir Galeon habitually told jokes and Ma’am Rhodora was the same, always upbeat. She even gave us chocolates from one of her out of the country trips! Kahit large class kami. If interested to prerog, there’s a big chance you could get it. They’d accept on the firsy day as long as you have the go signal from both profs. On the last day, you’ll have to perform! Learn more about that when you enlist.

    Outdoor Activity with groupmates and the pole

Desire? Yes.

  • Geol 1 Dr. Carlo Arcilla | One of the best profs I had in UP! Srsly this guy always smiles and is so cute! His exams are multiple choice and he doesn’t always take attendance. Just listen well even on film-viewing days. He’s also an entrepreneur and sells quality buttons made of rare stones. I guess his business was booming that’s why he took us on a trip to Rizal, Payatas (which he helped rehabilitate), and Quezon… for free! As in he paid for transpo and food.


Desire? YES!!!

  • Chem 1 Dr. Gil Claudio | I didn’t take Chem in HS so this was my most hellish subject! I was so desperate for an MST that I enlisted this :(( I didn’t understand 80% of what he taught in class but self-studying with the help of Youtube vids helped me pass this course. His exams were 100% objective but you’d find it easy if you really studied his slides. Reqs: Quiz on Mondays, 3 exams, 1 final exam which you could get exempted from, one group report.

“I appear to be an atom within infinity”

  • STS Prof. Benjamin Vallejo | You’ll be group mates with around 13 other people so there might be difficulty getting everyone to do their part for the group report and final paper (topic: anything you choose that relates to Science, tech., and society). We crammed this final requirement until a few minutes before submission. Wag gayahin, pls.

    I enjoyed STS bc everyday, we had different speakers who covered a range of topics (criminology, poems, Filipino martial arts with live demo, etc.) but sometimes I fell asleep like most of the class. Listen to all speakers though because for the final exam, you’ll out 2 random questions from a bowl worth 50 points each. No quizzes.

Also check out my AH and SSP Prof Guide, you might find the comments helpful. 🙂


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