Caramoan Islands, Cam Sur | Day 1

The first day at Camarines Sur involved not so smooth rides on deep waters to the sublimely beautiful Caramoan Islands. Check out all the daring activities we did on *Click if you love white sand beaches

Beach & Waves Resort, Brgy. Paniman, Caramoan

The resort we stayed in had a beachfront view. *heart-eyes emoji* As for amenities, there were very basic rooms with weak a/c and no tv. You don’t need tv though bec. the entertainment you’ll get from nature activities is enough. There was no wifi nor toiletries. To make up for it, the very friendly staff made the place feel like home for both days. The tourism officer assured us that development is taking place, although slow, it will still happen.

Beach Wear

Beach day outfit shorts

Topshop Bikini and denimTopshop cut out bikini top (shop here)

Pair breezy and light clothes where you can freely move around in over your swimwear. Strapped rubber sandals are recommended. Don’t wear maxi dresses if you’ll do the activities we did because it’ll just get muddy and wet. As for nails, I wear only clear nail polish but want to try more fun shades so I started checking online. ZALORA has nail lacquer available in different colors! Now we’re dressed appropriately, let’s go do stuff!

Caving at Omang / Umang Cave

Island Hopping: Lahos Island

Lahos or Lajos island Camarines SurWrite your secrets on the sand and trust them with a mermaid

Lahos Island Caramoan


The tour package included souvenir shopping on the 2nd day but there were two souvenir shops already beside the resort so we shopped in the evening. Pili and cocoa were the stars of the shelves and it came in all forms- hopia, chocolate, tablets, candied, and more.

Caramoan_blog (16)I’m all over the limestone cliffs surrounding Paniman beach!

Caramoan Day 2 is up 🙂


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