Wanderland 2016 at Circuit, Makati

Wanderland is an epic annual music and arts festival held every summer in the Philippines by Karpos Multimedia. Here’s how it went for me.

My friend, Allie, had her ticket already and asked me to accompany her 4 days before the event. I was ready to buy a ticket from anyone who was selling it the cheapest but we tried our luck and joined online contests as in umeffort talaga kami and luckily won a ticket + Meet & Greet passes (San Cisco, Panama, and The Naked And Famous) from SM Accessories! ily SM! wooooo~

This year’s theme was Outer Space *cue alien alert music* We took off to Wanderland Planet where everything was colorful, musical, and magical. Wanderers have landed! We didn’t troop to all the booths nor complete the space missions because the sun would roast us whenever we stepped out of the shade :/ Kudos to Wanderland for having the fair elements consistent with the theme from the marketing to the activities!

Panama at Wanderland

Panama Meet & Greet

Wanderland Music Festival (8)Wanderland Music Festival (7)

Wanderland Outfits

Pasan namin ang mundo! With the pro-concert goer

On to what we came for- the music! The crowd was chill and everyone happily absorbed the music. We stationed ourselves near the stage for maximum feels. These were my favorites-

Wanderland Music Festival (13)

Panama performing Always

Wanderland Music Festival (5)

Wanderland Music Festival (11)

San Cisco playing Awkward! doo doo doo

Wanderland Music Festival (12)

CRWN and the beautiful Jess Connelly

Wanderland Music Festival (4)

Tha Naked And Famous left the crowd awestruck

Wasn’t able to take decent photos of Bon Iver and Death Cab for Cutie because we were eating a hotdog and a burrito but I (skinny) loved their performance! Here’s a sad photo of the food instead. Ang mahal ng food dun, swear! Next year, bring lots of cash so you won’t die of hunger/thirst haha. We had a problem with the super long lines and drinking water shortage! Thank god for the Nestea free taste booth.

Wanderland Music Festival (3)

The bands’ sets were solid! They had lots of time to play their music and were even able to play 5+ songs! Sulit dude.

Wanderland Music Festival (10)

Wanderland was wow. Just wow. I came back from my journey to outer space with great memories for keeps! Thanks, Captain Bob!

I couldn’t upload the video of The Naked And Famous singing the chorus of Young Blood live on here so here’s the official mv. 🙂


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