Valentine’s Day Grinch

Black and white outfitWhat to wear with highwaist skirt

Mango cap

Happy Valentine’s Day to all couples and loners (like me)! It’s a holiday that I don’t really celebrate but I love how the stores are filled with red and pink chocolates, flowers, and scary stuffed toys. For the first 3 hours of Feb. 14, I spent it with friends at UP Fair Roots 2016! Solid night with OPM artists! That was enough of a celebration already for me and so the rest of the day, I stayed cooped up at home eating milk chocolate and banana twinkies until I realized that I haven’t posted a fashion and personal style post in months. Alas, this.

Wearing rubber shoes everyday is socially acceptable now. I could wear this (my only ones btw and were ruined by UP fair jumping jologs) with everything and still think of more outfits. To keep it Valentine’s related, I picked pieces that are girly and kinda romantic but not too girly. gets ba? No reds and pinks for me today, though. I’m the grinch of Valentine’s day with my resting bitch face and black & white ensemble.

College girl blog philippines

I really like the look of girly dresses/skirts with sneakers/rubber shoes and then big watches. It’s an outfit you could wear for when you don’t know if you wanna be girly or boyish today.

Zara pleated leather skirt | Details top | Adidas rubber shoes | Guess watch | Omega ring | Mango HE cap

Photos and styling by Weekend with Monkeys 

Since I’m the grinch, I won’t embed a cheesy love song here. Instead, here’s a song far from a love ballad but quirky, fun, and random lang 🙂 I still have post-UP fair (roots and free fall) feels pa kasi so I’ll quote Tanya Markova- “”Love is not blind. It sees but it doesn’t mind– Ito ay para sa mga naloko.”


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