Potipot Gateway Resort, Zambales

Potipot Gateway was the resort we stayed in a few months ago and if you’re looking for a homey and affordable getaway from the city, I think you’d really like it there. As in really!It’s 4 hours away from Manila and has 6 types of villas you can choose to stay in, all different from each other.  Our group occupied the whole Riverside Villa (4-5 people can stay in the room comfortably). I took some photos so you can see how it actually looks like. Super pretty, swear! Choose to stay in the second floor rooms so you can snuggle in the white and comfortable beds with canopies #PrincessFeels Hadn’t had any problem with service. The only thing I didn’t like was that my bath was cut short because there was no water in my bathroom when all of us in the villa bathed at the same time. Had water after 20 minutes pa. Other than that, all was good.  You can visit their website here: http://www.potipotgateway.com/

Potipot Zambales (26) copy

To the beautiful Potipot Beach!

The beautiful Potipot beach is only minutes away from the resort and you can get to the clear, aqua waters via speed boat (for a fee of P100, I think). Once there, you have the option to rent a cottage (P1,000) before you start group activities. There are a few free tables too.

I’ll include a few outfit shots lol. I love wearing breezy resort wear (slash flip flops and pambahay jk) but these photos were taken when we were about to board our airconditioned bus to Manila hence skinny jeans.

Resort wear (3)Intricate blouse peepResort wear (5)

Mango blouse, skinny jeans, and sandals

Potipot Gateway Resort

Sinabacan, Candelaria, Zambales


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