Dressing Down Dressy Dresses

Leopard Print DressLe cool amourSkater Dress (7)

I’ve had this leopard-print dress for 4+ years now but I’ve only worn it once when I attended a debut. After, I didn’t think wearing it on a casual day out was too appropriate. To get more wear out of it, tying a sweater around the waist actually made it look casual. When you think about it, this trick with the sweater dresses down some dressy dresses and makes it ready to wear for any occasion. It helps that the shape of this number is skater-like or flares out at the bottom.

Hermes Cuff; Charriol braceletGreen background fashion

Cat meow

meow miau miao muiao meo

Skater Dress (4)

Extra tip: Pair with sneakers for a more youthful look. I’ll do that next time!

Topshop Dress, flats | Mango Sweater | Hermes cuff | Charriol bracelet

Photography and styling by Weekend with Monkeys 

OMG I’ve liked Justin Bieber secretly but now everyone is catching Bieber Fever, I’m ready to proclaim my love lol. It’s not going away anytime soon (or ever cos’ what if he grows like Johnny Depp though- better as he ages) This is my fave song from Purpose. The cute choreography is super entertaining :3


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