How to Wear: Pleated Midi Skirt

Bonifacio Globall City
Outfit idea midi skirtFashion maniac

Pang-manang!” was my first thought upon seeing this pleated midi skirt. It was also the second, third, and fourth thought… and then boom I finally appreciated this pleated perfection. It’s all about looking younger. No to mamang-ish vibes!

Some suggestions for you girls:

  1. Show some skin. The skirt is long already so it would still be tasteful. Consider tying a knot at one side of your shirt or wear a crop top.
  2. Tie your hair up to show your youthful face (naks)
  3. Wear pointed shoes to keep things put together given the A-line shape or-
  4. -WEAR SNEAKERS! okay I didn’t have my sneakers with me today but just imagine white kicks with this! HIPSTER
  5. Get chunky. The midi skirt is so girly already so you can counter that with big man accessories like a big watch.

Monkeys team

Mango midi skirt, shirt | Topshop flats, shades | Swatch watch

Photography and styling by Weekend with Monkeys 

I forgot all about this song until my classmate sang it in class awhile ago. Now I love it again. Who wouldn’t love surprises if they’re like this? *play music video*


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