Fortune Island Tour in Batangas

As a requirement of our tour 175 class (Travel and Management), we developed and operated an overnight travel package to Batangas in November. One of the destinations we visited was the breathtaking Fortune Island, off the coast of Barangay Bucana, Nasugbu, Batangas. I wrote about the island on my article 🙂 More photos there. Puro ako kasi in this post hehe *click, it’s safe!

Boat to Fortune Island, Barangay Bucana

About to go on a 2-hour boat ride to the abandoned resort

We were a group of 30. The day was filled with lots of group activities and basking under the intense heat. Super init dun at high noon so bring a swimsuit to cool yourself in the clear waters. Don’t be like me who swam in my shirt and shorts cos’ I thought that the water would be dirty! I was so wrong.


regaining my energy before we climb to the pillars (nasisilaw face)

Little Greece on top there was the highlight of the trip for me. Those crumbling pillars are so photogenic and is def one of Fortune Island’s distinguishing features. Add ruined structures to the list of things to expect.



These little weaklings made it! Waaaaterrrr



There is a certain beauty and art in abandonment. Be sure to read my article on to know location and contact details for a tour. 🙂


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