Sketchy Call From Fake Crown Regency Hotel Representative (Scam)

Some guy (I forgot his name *bad memory is bad) using the number 09176452732 called my dad’s number looking for me. He immediately started talking about a Referral Promo which I supposedly won. Srsly? Sketchyyyy! 😐 It went a little bit like this:

Guy: Hello, ma’am Inna?

Me: Yes?

G: Hi Ma’am! You just won a 3d2n stay at Crown Regency Hotel! We have an ongoing promo at our Davao and Cebu branches where someone noted you as the person who referred them. Your stay will be absolutely free and you can claim it at the following branches: Makati, Ortigas, etc. Which branch is closest to you?

M: Ah. *got super suspicious* San ba yung Crown Regency?

G: *talks about the hotel and what it’s famous for then continues with the prize details* You’ll just have to bring one ID for validation. You don’t need any form of cash blaiaiah

Then he asked if it was okay to ask personal information like age and occupation. (Probably for marketing shiz) I gave it because I thought it was harmless. Pero weird cos’ when I asked who referred me he just answered “someone who checked in at our Cebu branch”

He even double checked the spelling of my whole name which he got right. I thought it was possible that the promo was true since I have a blog and everything, someone could have used my name.

He said someone will call me in 3 days to update. I just said okay even if I didn’t believe him. I knew that it was too good to be true, I’m not a lucky person who wins stuff like that!

Researched a little bit on it right after the call and found out that I just experienced the start of a scam. When you go there, they’ll try to sell you a membership thing during a seminar before you could claim your stay. NO THANKS BYE!

Don’t be too gullible, guys. Try asking the name of the person who referred you and if they can’t give anyone you know, f* that and drop the call. Has anyone else experienced something like this?


5 thoughts on “Sketchy Call From Fake Crown Regency Hotel Representative (Scam)

  1. Just got off the line from someone using this number. Same spiel but when I told them I am based in the Visayas region, said representative told me he(though he sounds gay) would just text me the details. Googled the number because it sounds fishy and it led me here. I don’t hand out my number like candy and only a select few know my number but I use this as my primary contact number in govt forms, job applications and for business transactions. The possibility that companies are selling my info is very likely at the moment.


  2. Hi! i just received a call from someone and we have the same number, since i googled the number to check kung legit and unfortunately lumabas tong Blog mo. Thank you for that! sounds too good to be true nga eh! ni rerefer pa ako near sa province namin to my surprise alam nya province namin mukhang mdmeng alam sa akin ang loko lalaki ang tumawag. so i will just ignore na lang this guy na tumawag he even texted me details and website?! duh..


  3. I’ve read something like this in my Facebook feed recently, but it’s mostly aimed at people already checked into their hotel rooms.

    Apparently, “front desk” will ask for potential victim’s name, contact info, and other pertinent details. But when the victim dials 0 from their hotel room, the legit ones will deny even calling.


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