Studio Fashion Shoot

Mango Cat SweaterHola a todos! Agggh haven’t posted in so long! College gal got too busy. 😥 APEC week is actually habulan ng requirements week srsly

Let’s forget about the stress from school for a while. Photos shot in a studio get kinda boring with just that plain white or black background so I have fun with Adobe Photoshop by adding gradient, custom shapes, and other effects to it. For some, I just change the background color into something pastel. Helped my sister again with her photography finals so I have a few to post today. YAY! Editing these were super easy though! Just make sure to duplicate or copy the layer whenever you add an effect so you can easily delete or change what you don’t want. Beauty Shot close upCamouflage Jacket Style

Mango Cat sweater, shorts | Topshop camouflage jacket | Purple Converse

Photos by Sara Paredes

I heard a really good Foo Fighters acoustic female version cover on the radio some time ago and I couldn’t find it online! Youtube led me to this girl and hers is pretty good too. Really wanna find the one I heard though.


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