Stripes and Floral Romance

Print on Print outfit

UP Diliman college girl blogger

Hindi naman mainit sa ground?

Outfit of the day philippinesWhen is it ever not a good day to wear stripes? Never. When it’s all over t-shirts like this off-shoulder one, I’ll wear it everyday if I could. I sport t-shirts to school almost everyday and am always on the look out for cute and good quality designs to wear with different bottoms. I found some awesome t-shirts from Team Manila online here!!

The shirt I have on is basic with the navy blue and white color combination but when paired with floral printed trousers, it looks like you put in more effort!! A bit romantic too.  The patterns go so well together in my opinion because the colors are harmonious and not clashing. Stripes ❤ florals. I think the trick to wearing pieces in different patterns is to consider the color family. Similar colors will most likely go together and will look like the outfit is a one-piece.

Shooting today was pretty quick because the sun was out, ever changing in color. Notice the different temperatures of the photos. I had so many resting bitch face shots! The smiling ones on here were rare so I chose to include them so as to not look like a snob bitch all the time. Do you have one too? 🙂

You're so naive Floral printed trousers for women Trousers and converse

Mango t-shirt, floral trousers (view here), floral ring | Converse | Anthology cuff

Photos by Weekend with Monkeys

 Romance doesn’t have to be a whirlwind! Take things slow according to Ella Eyre. HER HAIR THO!! So bouncy and beautiful!


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