Half French Braid | Hair-o-scope

half french braid

Who knew that the stars could tell your hair personality? According to the Madison Reed Hair-o-scope, it totally can! It’s all in the graph with additional hair tips to sport and maintain the perfect style for you. For Sagitarrius girls like me, this is what the constellation says:Sagittarius Hairstyle

Cheerful? YUP! The simplest things like cereal milk and cookie dough can turn any bad day around. Optimistic? Of course! This is soooo true. Pet peeve: pessimism 😡 Daring? I’m not so sure but I like trying new things so… I probably am. (maybe)

On to hair! A good hair day for us means having fashion-forward and pretty hair. I followed the sun and the stars and kind of tried to fashion my hair into what I think is pretty- braids. Here’s a guide to this french braid hairstyle:

  1. Start a traditional braid from the side of your head (braid once) and then switch to half-french braiding. French braiding means taking a piece of hair closest to the section being braided and then adding it into the braid before the cross-over. I only added a piece of hair every other time I cross over.
  2. Continue the french braid going to the other side of your head until you reach the part close to your ear.
  3. At this point, start a normal braid again and leave the ends for a carefree look.
  4. Tie it off. It’s up to you how loose or messy you want it to be.
Half french braid hair

It should look like this when you’re done but yours looks neater for sure!!

For the fashion-forward part, I had my hair colored Ash Brown (Salon used L’oreal Majirel) for a change. MR’s Hair dye advisor might help give you an idea of the hair color for you. I don’t normally do anything with my hair after brushing it but it’s nice to try to experiment with pretty hairstyles once in a while.

Sobrang buhaghag ng hair ko hahaha but I don’t know if I should go for a Brazilian blow-out cos’ I think di ko maaalagaan after. Does anyone have any tips or experiences with that treatment?

Photos taken with an iPhone 6


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