Styling: Modern Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans (10) What are mom jeans? How to style mom jeans

It’s old school cool! I’ve heard about mom jeans a couple of times this year but never really cared to buy myself one. Come the Forever 21 sale, and all that changed.These baggy looking cotton jeans hanging on the racks looked so vintage and coo, it made me want them. The ultra high waist sealed the deal!

What are mom jeans exactly? Mom jeans come in a variety of styles- some are tapered at the ends and more fit than some but the original 90’s mom jeans is all about the faded wash, relaxed fit, and high waist. This style was deemed unflattering for some time but fashion took a turn as always and you can now make them look super stylish.

To make them look modern, pair them with a flirty top and heels. Add a belt to accentuate the waist (I barely have a waist so this helped me look like a woman.) I’m also vertically challenged so the high rise style and the heels faked looking taller! There are a lot more ways to style them but I guess one important tip is to roll them up a bit to expose your ankles. 😉

Classic 90s mom jeans Styling mom jeans Loreal majirel hair color Belt to wear with mom jeans

Forever 21 Jeans and sequin top | Mango Touch necklace (view here)

Photos by Sara Paredes

There’s so much 90s feels today! Let’s just stick with this theme. I remember this was my favorite song released in the 90s. Don’t know why… but it wasn’t because I wanted anyone to kiss me then at 6 years old! This was the theme song of She’s All That btw.


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