When Skies Are Gray

Find beauty in the rainWhat to wear on a rainy dayOutfit for gloomy weather rain coat

Haven’t posted in a month! Been busy with my summer job at Mango but now that it’s over, I have time. Too much. No new photos yet so I’m recycling these ones which were taken for an H&M contest that Sara and I  joined before. This rain jacket is what I’ve been wearing a ton when skies are grey! It fans out a bit on the bottom and so gives your body shape.

It’s been raining a lot lately due to  tropical storms that entered and will enter the Philippines. I’m loving it! I’m enjoying the gloomy yet cozy feel of the grey clouds and the sound of drops of rain. Finding beauty in rain. It’s perfect bed + hot chocolate weather! Good thing I don’t start school until August because it’s gonna be tough going to and from the university in this weather. Hirap magcommute! For now I have 24 hours of free time doing nothing but watch Suits and Quentin Tarantino movies.

Rainy gear Rainy day outfit 2 Rainy day outfit

Topshop rain jacket | Mango pencil skirt, crop top (similar here) | Converse

Mango stores always have cool music playing and I heard this one day and got obsessed. Plus they have “Cold” in their name so I think it fits this post well? Again with the cold, chilly, lovely days we’re experiencing now.


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