My Own UP Prof Guide Thingy (SSP GE Courses)

It’s the start of mid-year enlistment already and I thought that you guys might want to know a little bit about your future professors. Although I’m not quite sure if they’ll be teaching this mid-year. Didn’t check.

SSP GEs are the most interactive classes I have taken! There were a lot of group activities (the fun interactive kind not the why-am-I-doing-everything-while-my-group-mates-are-dubsmashing-kind). Here’s my opinion on the courses I had first hand experience with. 🙂


  • Geog 1 Emmanuel Garcia | He was concealed when I enlisted his class on CRS. Balita ko lahat ng Geog 1 profs ay fun and worth enlisting. Friends told me they love their Geog 1 profs so I guess it’s true. What’s not true is the unoable part. Yes, makakauno ka if you like studying terms and theories. Handouts were pretty long but most of it included terminologies. It’s very possible to have a high grade but the uno won’t come easy. GROUP WORK. I tell you, super daming group work! Is it common for SSP electives? For me it was. It was the best though! From map-making to reporting, my group mates were always game. Okay now let’s get to Geog Camp! We had ours at Kampo Trexo in Cavite. As in tent! We pretended to be homeless lol. Every second was so much fun! IBA! I highly encourage you to join the camp. WAG KJ PLEASE. The whole class is gonna be clingy after 🙂
The Green Team

Half of the Green Team

Desire? Yes. And please, please attend his camp. You get a shirt for a souvenir!

  • Kas 2 Dedina Lapar | Ma’am was nice but strict. She will make sure you pass whatever needs to be passed on time. Or else… makuha ka sa tingin. Kas 2 for me meant food day! She’ll assign your group to report on a part of Asia and it’s up to you to make it lively. We always had games and food prizes and our group won more than half of it. (Kaya food day kasi lagi food yung prize namin) Each reporter will have to bring their own artifact and try their best to relate it to their report. Her exams were pretty difficult. Ang daming dates! Tip: study what SHE says. Not so much the reporter’s hand outs. 😉

Desire? I’m not sure. Her exams were difficult but I loved the class energy. Okay, enlist it but make sure to take down notes of her lessons!

  • Philo 1 Cathlyne Alvarez | Took her class one summer. Teacher’s prerog lang, she picked out names from a bowl. My gosh this was the most amazing class ever! Not exaggerating! This is definitely in my list of top 3 best GEs. Again, madaming group work but they involved acting or presenting creatively most of the time. You have to be kapal muks and not be shy! “Wag KJ” she said. She’ll give thought experiments at the start of the class so make sure not to be late so you can think long and hard. You have to cos’ if mabunot yung paper mo, then you’ll have to argue logically with her… in front of everyone! The challenging part of philo was logic. Ma’am will teach you well and is very easy to consult. As if it couldn’t get any better, we had an overnight sem-ender at a resort. First time daw yun! I’m not sure if it continued every sem.
Philo 1 field trip

Post swimming games!

Desire? YES! Mataas yung demand niya sa CRS for a reason. So many more good things about her!

  • Kas 1 Karl Poblador | The best- what I rated him on SET. We went on a major throwback time-travel adventure to what we know so far as the beginning of Philippine pre-history. He conducts lessons in a story-telling fashion which made me absorb facts much easier than just by reading from a book. We had group work (mini reporting, final creative presentation, magazine output) and individual work (blank map exam, final exam, reflection paper). I highly recommend you enlist this class to debunk history book ‘facts’ or myths and understand why you should be more of a Bonifacio in a world of Aguinaldos.

Desire? Yes.

Looking for opinions on AH GE courses? I wrote about some here.


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