Not Fifty Shades of Grey

Grid pattern fashion trend Grey Outfit of the day MonochromeThis outfit post is not related to the movie in any way haha. Am only wearing two shades of grey hence the title. Recently my color choices have not been the most exciting. I usually gravitate towards wearing white (the perfect summer color), black (the not so perfect summer color), and grey instead of brights. I feel like I look mature when wearing these colors. *emphasis on I FEEL. Feeling ko lang lol But I know this phase will pass and I’ll go back to my usual happy color-wearing self.

Seen this grid pattern everywhere! This A-line skirt is old but trends repeat every season so you shouldn’t get rid of your clothes easily. Tip: Do you feel it’s laos or out of style already? Think about if it’s a classic trend (ex. Pleats, Peter pan collars, paisley) and if you could still wear it months from now. If it is, save those babies and just store them properly. 🙂

Mini Cooper

Jeepney wants to photobomb lol jk

Grey outfit UP Diliman Girl with glasses Black and white grid skirt Grey hoodie Guess watch

Mango hoodie, grid skirt (view here), bracelet | Topshop skater shoes | Guess watch | Balenciaga Classic City

Photos by Weekend with Monkeys (Contact me for info)

Yuna!! My gosh this girl! So stylish, talented, beautiful, and everything else that is good!  She’s got life in her face. One location for her music video is woodsy and so I can relate it to my shooting location in this post (not really woodsy but the trees aspect is there lol).My other favorites of her songs are Come Back and Lullabies.


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