The Sweet Spot Cafe, Maginhawa Street

The Sweet Spot, Maginhawa StreetThe Sweet SpotCakes and pies on display We had the whole afternoon free (free cut!) so my friend and I decided to have merienda some place at Teachers Village, the food hub of Quezon City! We couldn’t decide where to eat so we asked manong tricycle driver if he could suggest a place where a lot of students go to. He brought us to Maginhawa Street near Sikatuna Village and I immediately spotted The Sweet Spot in between Katsu Cafe and Parrillada. I remembered it was featured on television before so I really wanted to try it out.The sweet spot cafe & bakery interiors The sweet spot cafe & bakeryGround floor of the cafe

It looked like a small place from the outside but when you go in, the high ceiling gave an illusion that it was bigger than it actually was. It felt very cozy and a great place to hang out with friends for conversations/chikahan or to get your study on. If you’re alone, it’s good to go here too because the tables are pretty far apart so you won’t feel awkward being alone. I eat out alone a lot and am always on the lookout for a productive place. Their library of books are all available for you to read and I think what they’re trying to say is that it’s okay for you to spend a long time there (as long as you order, of course). There was a second floor or mezzanine too, where the industrial design is more obvious.The Sweet Spot menu The Sweet Spot menu with prices the sweet spot menu

I guess you’re reading this for the menu… sorry for the slight blur, but they’re still readable. We really wanted something cold so we ordered a frappe, a smoothie and shared a slice of cake. They had a tempting selection of cakes and pies on display. Beverages were well within my student budget (Although mains, pastas, and sandwiches are pricy) and what we ordered was well worth it. So busog after! That’s saying a lot cos’ I eat a lot. #HappyTummy

Frappe Strawberry cobbler

Anything with dark chocolate in it, I want! The Dark Chocolate Cookie frappe (P140) was good. It didn’t have enough dark for me though and tasted more like a chocolate cookie frappe but I super enjoyed it nonetheless!*insert smiling pig emoji* Strawberry Cobbler (P140) was intriguing because of the “cobbler” in the name. We asked the barista what cobbler was but he didn’t know lol so we just expected a strawberry smoothie. Both drinks were very, very creamy, sweet, and satisfying. The whipped cream was sweet too and is was the most sinful part of it all. Red velvet cake Red velvet the sweet spot cafe

Pairing sweet with sweet was not overpowering for me, I can handle it! Red Velvet Cake (P95) had a thick consistency and was pretty moist and heavy. I mean it’s not the fluffiest cake around but I really like cake that way.

Charisse Chavez

My food buddy, Charisse!

Inna Paredes

My overall experience was pleasant and relaxing. The staff were very welcoming and glad to help you decide on what to order. I loved the ambiance and the dessert! There’s so much more to try especially their non-sweet offers. Definitely going back because this cafe hit the spot, the sweet spot!

189 Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City | 9 AM – 11 PM | 435 3045 |
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