Leather and Feather

Leather Jacket and Feathered Mini Skirt Clutch bag from mangoLay over a leather jacket
I try to look rock & roll but my chubby cheeks and childish face get in the way. 😥 It was black Saturday (Hello Friday t-shirt fail!) so I decided to take the holiday literally and wear mostly black. Whoever came up with the “wearing-a-jacket-but-not-really” is genius! Well, okay, there’s very limited movement but it’s fine because it looks hella stylish! I feel like it looks more dramatic than wearing it the correct way.

Black and white outfitFeathered mini skirt How to wear

Every guy/girl needs to have a leather jacket in their closet because it instantly makes you look fashion-forward (and bad-ass). If you add it in the mix of an outfit combination then you’re adding attitude. If you want to keep things casual, then consider wearing it with a plain or statement t-shirt. I can think of many more outfit ideas to wear a leather jacket. Maybe a blog post on that would be fun.

Black feathered mini skirtCollege style blogConnector ringLeather Jacket (12)

One idea is to combat the masculinity and toughness of the structured jacket with a feminine and flirty feathered mini skirt. Texture is in. Add leopard or any other kind of animal print and your outfit would be anything but boring. Play with prints! The stars print is just cute and fun. I think white sneakers would look so cute too!

Mango leather jacket; White t-shirt (view); clutch (view); connector ring | Parfois necklace | Zara feathered mini skirt | Forever 21 booties

Photos by Sara Paredes


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This is my thought trail right now when I think Friday. Friday > Weekend > The Weeknd (the artist) > Earned It. And so…


9 thoughts on “Leather and Feather

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    • So cute no? Yup, it’s real feather but idk what kind though haha it doesn’t say. Haven’t washed it yet hahaha! Instructions say do not wash/dry clean/anything. Just have to be very careful when wearing it. :))

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  2. Lol! You are so funny! And very cute too! I always love the feather skirt. I may have to shop soon for that piece! I am also in love with that cool rings.;)

    To answer your question that you left in my blog. I am NOT a full time blogger and I have a full time job. 😉

    See you soon and keep in touch!



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