Summer Jumpsuit

summer jumpsuit Wacky

♪Just imagine how much cooler I’ll be in summer Da da, da doo~ Olaf

When days last much longer than nights, it’s scorching hot even at 5 pm, and smoothies are in demand then it means that summer has come! A simmering sun poises high up in the cloudless sky. I prefer cloudy & cool over hot & sunny because I sweat like a pig and it’s not cute. Do you? Nakaka-haggard ang init haha. What I love the most though about summer is the fashion. Spring/Summer clothes are my favorite! Bring out your shades and wear your lightest clothes to dress for this season and be literally “cooler” just like Olaf. I remained cool today because this jumpsuit was so easy and light. It’s the perfect lazy Sunday summer throw-on.

Summer jumper 1  Summer jumper 3

Started the day with a buffet breakfast @ Heat, Edsa Shangri-La Manila with friends. #HappyTummy. We had 3 (or maybe 4? 5?) plates of deliciousness and it took a toll on my body. Totally had a food baby but the elastic waist of this dress helped hide it a little. And so breezy jumpsuits are one of my favorite clothing pieces!

Summer jumper (60)Summer jumper (52)Summer jumper (20)

Wore pointy leather shoes to look more put together. The colors on the necklace looked very similar to the colors of the print plus it’s a frickin’ cutie seahorse so I paired it with. Took a walk around the hotel after and my friends helped me take photos for my blog. *supportive* Edsa Shangri-La was beautiful and I couldn’t point out anything I disliked. Had a blast spending the weekend with my friends from a major subject (Tour 181) and was inspired to work in the hotel industry. 5 star/higher of course. Good summer so far 🙂

Summer jumper (35) copySummer jumper (37) copy

Super supportive friends! :">

Super supportive friends! :”>

Mango Crisscross strap jumpsuit (SHOP HERE); necklace | Forever 21 flats

Photos by Charisse Chavez and Kimberly Pagunaling

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Summer is usually the time for upbeat songs and so I’m putting Lana Del Rey circa 2012 on here. It’s upbeat enough for me 🙂 


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