Stripes on Stripes Soirée

Stripes on Stripes Fashion Trend Stripes1

We are all familiar with this striking pattern.

 It can be safe or dangerous depending on how you perceive it. Some say horizontal stripes will make you look wider which sometimes I notice is true. This article I read though does not agree- a doctor says narrow, black stripes on a white background might make you look slimmer. But in truth,  it all depends on body type. If you have a body of a Victoria’s Secret model, then lucky you! You don’t have to worry because everything will look good! *jealous*

Stripes Stripes outfit

I am all for wearing a trend to the second power (Also read: denim on denim). Stripes is not an exception, to pair it with another striped pattern is  natural to me. I think it’s visually intriguing. These two striped pieces seem like they were made to be paired with each other because they’re same in width but the difference in color makes it not look too matchy-matchy.

Stripes on stripes stripes on stripes

I’m not one who wears too many jewelry. Recently, I’ve been liking simple accessories. A dainty necklace and a watch will do… sometimes none at all due to the hot weather and how sticky I can feel throughout the day. This bold leather cuff is the only accessory I wore to keep things simple while having an impact bec. leather anywhere grabs attention.

Mango crop top | Forever 21 Skirt; leather cuff | Greenhills Flats 

Photos by Sara Paredes

Charity Vance’s voice is so soothing! She doesn’t even have to try. This song is so beautiful that I just felt kilig the first time I heard it. Made me think of my handsome non-existent boyfriend… *sits in a corner and wallows* </3 Love her dress in this lyric video, she looks the part in the “I’m your darling daisy” line.


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