UP TMS’s Indulgence: Dessert Buffet!

Black and gold design, UP Tourism Management Society

UP TMS exhibit at the AIT student lounge

Start of Dessert Buffet: Slicing the cake Line formed by 12pm

Dessert spread *drools* dessert buffet 2

S'mores station Chocolate fondue station
Strawberry cheesecake Strawberries from Baguio. (c) Roi Caluya
dessert buffetMy org, UP Tourism Management Society, celebrated it’s week long 18th anniversary comprised of different events from party management seminars to giving out free food! To start off the week with a bang and to thank all AIT students, faculty, staff, and non-AIT students, we held a dessert buffet event… for free!

A line began to form by 12 pm after members were posted at their stations. Red velvet cupcakes and chocaramel cakes were served; strawberries, apples, and melons were bathed in chocolate fondue; marshmallows were burnt to be sandwiched in between graham crackers; chocolate candies were scattered in chocolate goo; sugar bread sticks were nibbled on; and everyone was on the brink of a sugar rush. By 1 pm, all sweets were almost gone except for the chocolate fondue and some fruits we saved for the members as post-celebration.

Photo quality was destroyed because I just saved them from Facebook 😦 Anyway, thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with UP TMS! Know more about our org through the video below.

Photos from UP TMS Facebook Page


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