Timeless Fashion Trend: Little White Dress

white dressOfficial photo used for voting.

White and black dominate my closet color palette. It makes sense that the classic little black dress must have a sister- the little white dress. I like it more than the LBD just because it’s more light and perfect for any day/night. I love how it looks clean and fresh! In the Philippines, it’s starting to get hot and humid so I prefer wearing white over any other color.

The dress was already girly and flowy so I wore white shorts and sporty shoes with it.  This Adidas pair is the comfiest shoes I’ve ever walked in! They’re my first rubber shoes in college! *cries* I would only wear sneakers/converse before.

These were taken for the Mr. and Ms. AIT 2015 People’s Choice Award. I’m a candidate (really, I’m not joking 😐 *serious face*) and you can vote for me or the other candidates by liking their photo. Click on the first portrait to go to the Facebook photo post. 🙂 (or click here)

Little white lady.

Inna Paredes Mr. and Ms. AIT 2015 candidate Little White Dress and rubber shoes

Photos by Yani Reynoso

*Update* Voting has ended and I should have PMed more people for likes lol (nakakahiya kasi). Anywaaay, the pageant is a few days away and I already felt super supported by friends and family 🙂 One of the messages of this song is to not lose hope. If it doesn’t go well, then just keep living.


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