I Never Told You

Inna Paredes; I never told youI never told youOutfit ideas, kimono.

Patterned Kimono. Bull necklace from Mango. Outfit of the day. Nude and colorsOne photo just looks pretty dramatic and I feel like I looked a bit emo with the light effect and facial expression (or lack of) so I entitled this post aptly… to envoke a feeling of regret. (Is it working? No? Okay, I tried!)

When I think of things unsaid, could-have and would-have beens, and missed chances, it gets me down (Ano ba english for nakakapanghinayang? lol) and wanting to time travel to the past to possibly change present events. Kung pwede lang! Do you remember awkward moments when you said something and after a few minutes realize that you shouldn’t have? Like you just wished to swallow the word/s you clumsily spilled out. Or when the opposite happens and you never said what you really felt (maybe hurt? jealousy? Whatever). Time flies and you think about how you just should have been brave enough to say it, to let it out.

These what-ifs exist and will haunt us for the rest of our lives. It bugs our minds late at night when we’re doing nothing but blankly staring into the ceiling *Possibly with some chill music in the bg*. Be honest- there was that time when you got pissed at yourself for not saying “it” whatever “it” may be. I don’t know what I’m trying to get to but maybe thoughts like these should remind us to speak now. Tell people how you feel! At the same time, be honest to yourself. 😉

By the way, I love how the shots came out! My sister and I had time to play a bit.

What if I fall? Oh, my darling what If you fly? what if Why you should ALWAYS say how you feel.. otherwise the mind will make up it's own interpretations of feelings.

Stradivarius kimono; shorts | Mango tank top; flats; bull necklace

Photos by Sara Paredes


View on lookbook!

Of course I’m ending with Colbie Caillat’s song here! This post was practically inspired by it.


5 thoughts on “I Never Told You

  1. I was browsing and it so happened that I got here in your blog. . . and I enjoyed browsing your posts and here I am. . . The Black and white (from your lookbook) of the first photo looks very dramatic and cinematic. Nice sets of photos 😀


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