Red Crushed Velvet

red velvet trend fashionNew Velvet trend 2015

Red Velvet is all around- in the form of crinkles, cupcakes, ice cream… kidding! But really, red velvet with cream cheese icing tho! I just automatically think of dessert when I read red velvet. I don’t own a lot of velvet material clothing bec. it reminds me of the renaissance period. Am I alone in this?

This crushed velvet skater dress (worn as a skirt) made me love velvet fabric. The color- dark red or wine red- is so festive and fun. It felt silky on the skin and lends a luxurious and rich (I think I’m describing a cupcake) feel to an otherwise casual outfit. Paired it with a basic denim jacket to make it look cuter. Tip: Shop from the kids section! Denim jacket is from Zara Kids and fits perfectly. Or my body is just really the same as a 10 year old’s body. Do you own any stuff from the kid’s section?

These slip on shoes are my most worn ones! I wear them at least once a week bec. (a) I don’t own a lot of shoes lol and (b) they go with everything!! Don’t be surprised if these are the shoes I’ll be wearing on my next blog posts *hint: next week’s post*

I choose happy! View on Instagram

This kid took happy pills

Tiger t-shirt

I think all the doughnut fat went to my cheeks ._.

Denim jacket from Zara KidsCollege ootd Accessory: Gold ear cuff Red crushed velvet texture

Topshop Dress (worn as skirt)| Zara Kids Denim jacket| Mango shirt; flats | Stradivarius Earcuff

Photos by Sara Paredes


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The Book Of Life is a hilarious and light animated film. Loved the part when Manolo sang “I love you too much” (listen here). Maria’s so lucky ❤ One of the more upbeat songs of the film was “No Matter Where You Are” by Us The Duo. Love the Mexican sugar skull makeup!!


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