Grown-up Overalls

denim overall pants or dungareesDenim overalls Philippines #Pilipinasootd
Wearing overalls can make you look like a 7 year old. It’s just a matter of styling to make you look more like 77… joke! To look more grown-up, I just wore a tank top that’s not frilly or bow-y or anything that might look childish. It’s a simple striped one because I’m channeling my inner sailor! Stripes and denim onesies are a sure-fire hit. But then again denim goes with everything.
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I am a rabbit in a jumper! haha

Denim overalls outfit inspiration. Invicta Watch. How to wear denim overalls: Striped tank top Accessories: Invicta Watch, Mango bracelet

I’ve only worn overall shorts and never skirt or pant style ones. (UPDATE: I’ve found dress dungarees here) But Stradivarius had these on sale so it was worth trying. Pairing them with sneakers look good too! Found photos on Pinterest of girls who wore it so well. I want white denim overalls now after seeing the photo below.

After the first week of classes this semester, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to publish a post every 3-4 days anymore because… acads 😐 I’ve decided on a manageable blog posting schedule which is once a week. Maybe? People say that it’s better to post more frequently to get more blog views but it’s too much work and pressure. Work- because taking decent outfit photos is not easy if you’re not Alessandra Ambrosio or some other perfect being.

River Island Dungarees... I think I can do this! mad chill but adorbs!!Trend Alert: Celebrities in Overalls - Alessandra Ambrosio from #InStylenew neutral style just landed at fast worldwide delivery xx

Stradivarius denim overalls | Esp Tank | Aldo wedges | Invicta watch

Photos by Sara Paredes iPhone 6 photos

I just love airy female vocals and so when I head Ex Cops’ Black Soap I was in love! Haaaay life is so unfair. How come I don’t have her voice 😥 I’ll try to die now lol jk


11 thoughts on “Grown-up Overalls

  1. Saan po pwedeng bumili ng overalls? Nag-tingin kasi ako online and most of them puro jumper shorts lang. I’ve been looking on this since like last feb 😦


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