Spikes on the Sides

Shorts with spikes on the sides
“Don’t stand beside Inna!” “Walang tatabi kay Inna!” is one of the jokes I get from my friends when they see me wear these high waist shorts.

I always laugh and dare them to touch the spikes since they’re pretty harmless with their smooth and semi-rounded tip. But if it scares away holdapers/robbers, then it’s fine if they don’t go near me.

Spikes on the sidesDetails make the outfit. and enriches a look. I always look for at least one thing that makes an item special, in this case the trendy spikes detail and the cut-out shoulders of the denim top. Wear the two together and your outfit won’t be plain. For more fun, pairing spikes with more spikes seems not a bad thing. The spiked ring is made girly by the pastel blue and pink color in it. Again with the holdapers, you can punch them in the eyeballs with this ring and run. :)) I’m gonna stop poking fun at what I’m wearing now and just show it~

Denim shirt with cut outs outfit of the day

Should have tucked in top more. it’s looking kind of sloppy, I admit.

Spikes on the sides of the shorts

Spikes on the sides 5Spikes on the sides 8AccessoriesAccessories

Denim shirt Mango | Spiked shorts Forever 21 | Spiked ring Topshop | Gold watch Casio

Photos by Jolo Paredes

Hype on lookbook

Watched Drive (2011) this week and enjoyed it because… Ryan Gosling ❤ I particularly enjoyed the song Nightcall by Vincent Belorgey (Kavinsky). It’s kind of creepy but went so well with the movie’s theme.


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