Timeless Fashion Trend: White T-shirt

The White T-shirt trend

It’s 2015 and with it pops up several new trends! I want to focus on the trend that’s never going away. Unless the time comes when space suits are the norm then we’ll all be wearing metal. You probably already know about the classic white t-shirt that can be worn many ways. One shirt = 99×99 outfits. Think: knotted/tied to the side, tucked under high waist shorts or maxi skirts, paired with crazy prints, etc.

Men's white t-shirt

Men’s white t-shirt

Today was the day to shop stores on their EOS sale! Comfy walking shoes are a must when scouting the best items for cheap. Was disappointed to find only a few finds especially at Forever 21 where clothes on sale weren’t too pretty nor my style. Their marketing says 50% off but most items were only just as low as P100.00 off the tag price. Ang daya 😐 *edit: they had a BOGO sale so it made up for it

Anyway, here’s the black & white outfit of the day and what I wore with my Topman white t-shirt. Thought: We’re so lucky to be able to pull off men’s clothes… it’s doubling the amount of clothes for us to wear! The simple white shirt is a perfect canvass for not so simple accessories like this eagle neckace.

OOTD White Tee white shirt (8(

Pls help this homeless girl buy new pants lol

Pls help this homeless girl buy new pants lol

white shirt

T-shirt Topman | Skinny jeans, Varsity jacket, and accessories Mango | Slip ons Topshop

Photos by Sara Paredes iPhone 6

White t shirt on lookbook OOTD

Hype on lookbook 🙂

Purity Ring’s Push Pull was on repeat while I was browsing through the racks and I still couldn’t sing to the lyrics haha. You won’t miss much if you have to pee while watching their music video cos’ it’s just the floating girl on loop.


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