Jeans All Ripped Up

Jeans All Ripped Up Inna Paredes
I like it better with my jeans all ripped up ♪ Avril Lavigne gets this right.

2015 will see a lot of wide leg and boyfriend jeans. However I prefer my jeans all skinny, ripped and ragged. Comfort level increases when they’re a little bit torn (or a lot, lot torn) maybe bec. the tears allow more ventilation? If ventilation is even a thing when wearing skin tight jeans.

Denim on Denim SKinny Jeans

I don’t have arms for real

Still into the denim theme as explained in my previous OOTD post. This look falls into the denim on denim/double-denim/Canadian Tuxedo trend because why not experiment a little? Also read: triple denim!

The shirt and jeans are in different shades and it’s a good trick to do when sporting this trend. If you can see the gaping hole at my right knee part, which you probably can cos’ it’s freakin’ huge, the hole wasn’t that big in the first place. I was doing warm up lunges for PE when I heard something tear. Lo and behold, my ripped jeans ripped! It gets bigger and bigger after washing! But I think it still looks good to wear. More photos~

Denim on Denim or Double Denim

Break the double blue by wearing bright colored accessories

Jeansallrippedup6Jeansallrippedup3 Neon Yellow Skull and Spike Necklace

Skinny Jeans Forever 21 | Denim Shirt Esprit (same here) | Necklace Greenhills

Photos by Jolo Paredes Good thing we’re on Christmas break so we had time to take photos!

Hype on Lookbook

I want to incorporate music into my blog so I’ve decided to leave random favorites at the end of every outfit post starting today. Please comment music suggestions too! Today was a Zella Day kind of day. Here’s the first song that led me to discover the soulful beauty that is Zella Day- Sweet Ophelia. Click play if you’re interested. 🙂


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