Milkcow Organic Soft Ice Cream PH

Milkcow from outside
Milkcow recently had their grand opening at Eastwood mall on December 20, 2014. Someone invited me to try out this Korean ice cream and I had no power in me to decline ice cream! I excitedly tagged along and got even more excited when I saw their little cafe.  There was  a good crowd of people considering the time we went was almost mall closing time. There was even a line before we got to order.

I think Mr Bean was the store they replaced. What immediately caught my eye were the honey combs! See photo below to see what I mean. They serve organic milk ice cream and honey so I get why honey dominated the glass cabinet. I got curious on how to eat them but then I saw a woman who had a cube topping so I guess you just bite into it or mix it in with your ice cream? Supposed to be healthy for you. The top part of the glass display where macarons and other sweets should be was bare. I think it might have all sold out before we got there.

Fresh honeycomb *drools*

Fresh honeycomb *drools*

Their menu was simple and had these cutesy illustrations. Price range: P110-P170/cup Click on photos to enlarge and and read the flavors. I was attracted to the most colorful ice cream illustration (am girly like that) which was Snow Drop M4 (P150) and got that one. It was yummy! The ice cream was fluffy, salted, sweet, and very milky. Kind of like salty and milky pastillas. It’s the first time I tasted soft serve ice cream like that.

Milkcow menu e

Milkcow's Snow Drop with cotton candy and jelly beans

Milkcow’s Snow Drop with cotton candy and jelly beans

Milkcow eMahal lang. I find it a bit pricey for a small cup. It wasn’t full with Ice cream too. But It’s good quality ice cream and I’m excited to try out the one with the honey comb when I come back!

NOTE: Prices may have increased.

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream and that’s kind of the same thing – says on Milkcow poster

I agree to the nth level! *And Hi!! Happy New Year!!

Milkcow on FacebookGroundfloor Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City | Archaeology Wing, Powerplant Mall


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