My UP Prof Guide (AH GE Courses)

THE UP PROF GUIDE TAG IS SUPER HELPFUL! I search it come enrollment time and learn who the terror profs to avoid are. But sometimes I don’t care anymore as long as I get units. Kahit maniac yung prof enlist padin haha

So I’m posting my own because I have something to share about all the profs and unique courses I took. Don’t want to keep this post too long so I’m limiting it to AH electives. #ILoveCRS

GEs are my favorite courses bec it’s so much fun (most of the time) and learning outside of your major is an eye opener. Anyway, hope whatever short comments I put on here helps 🙂


  • Comm 3 Mark Joseph Cancino | It was his first time to teach this sem (1st sem 2015-2016) and I got  lucky to have had him as my prof. HASSLE but fun! Madaming gagawin (papers, speeches, group work) but expected na yun sa comm 3 e. He’s more of a facilitator than a teacher since he’s one of the younger professors. Also, sir is  very approachable and di ka papahiyain. Comm 3 was my worst fear #stagefright but sir made it a great sem! 🙂 Just remember to be active during discussions.

Desire? Yes, yes goooo! He’s still experimenting with his curriculum so I think it’s gonna be even better next sem.

  • Aral Pil 12 Melecio Fabros | Super cute ni sir with his woven hat on! He was my first UP prof ever and he taught me a lot about the Philippines- food, stories, provinces. Super hassle lang sakaniya bec he required us to learn the Philippine map and origin of diff folk lore. Lots of readings. The super hassle part was he required us to listen in on his DZUP radio show, Tabi-tabi folkloradyo, every Monday afternoon. EVERY MONDAY. He quizzes us on it after too so there’s no escaping. It’s part of attendance! Not sure if show is still on now… it was in 2013. You have the opportunity to host with him on his show too 😉 You have to be bibo to get a high grade, make him know your name by reciting. Grades given were fishy.

Desire? No bec. sobrang hassle but he’s super kind and a master in his field.

  • ENG 11 Anna Melinda de Ocampo | The poems and short stories she will assign you to read are beautiful, interesting, scary, bizarre, and downright weird. I loved the assigned readings! She assigned an oral novel/short story report (2 reporters in a group) for each reading in the later part of the sem. I was assigned The Plague – Albert Camuand the story was good. I only read the summary though cos’ it was too long to finish before our report day. Lots of reaction papers, film viewing, 2 exams, and recitation everyday. You have to speak at least once per meeting. Pretty easy recitation naman cos’ she’s just going to ask you your thoughts on the stories. Grades kind of low.

Desire? Yes. But don’t if you don’t like discussing your thoughts in class.

  • ENG 10 Gerardo Los Banos | I enjoyed this class bec. chill lang. Each meeting is like a brainstorming session where you just talk about each other’s topics and help each other improve. Our prof is an author of a book so he knows what he’s doing. You’ll talk about different issues and papers then you’ll learn how to create your own. No exams, no quizzes, one easy group reporting, and a final requirement 10-12 page research paper. He’ll guide you throughout. He’s strict with citation. Just cite guys…. and speak in English. Grades fair.

Desire? YES!!!

  • FIL 40 Aura Berta Abiera | Didn’t understand why her demand wasn’t as high as other Fil 40 classes. Maybe bec it was an 8:30 class? That’s the only negative thing I can think about. She speaks loud and clear, teaches well, and disciplines the class but still keeps it fun and interactive. Lots of readings, 2 group reports, and exams. Grades fair.

Desire? Yes.

  • SEA 30 Various professors | AH/SSP. I saved the best for last! Classes were held at the Center for International Studies inside PHan. Air-conditioned! First day palang the class was already energetic asking each other’s last names since we were seated alphabetically and I was hopeful that the course was going to be fun. We had around 8 professors for their special module. The topics themselves were interesting- Celestial maidens (my favorite), SEA trade, Food and Culture, SEA Films, etc. Each prof discussed and gave a requirement- papers, reports, creative output, and even food good for 10 for the sem-ender SEA-food party. You’ll have at least 2 groups to submit requirements with. Swerte ko sa groups ko! Super nice people ❤
Field Assignment at Intramuros

Field Assignment at Intramuros

Desire? HELL YES. Promise, it’s going to be great! One of the best GEs I’ve taken.

That’s it for now. Good luck with temporary hell during UP enlistment! You can send in your questions, I’ll be sure to answer asap.


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